1. Quick & Easy Recipes

    5 Comforting care packages

    Even though your kid is in college, that doesn't mean you've stopped worrying about him or her. Send your college co-ed some love...
  2. Tips & Advice

    Elisabeth Rohm chats infertility, parenting Easton and college savings

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    Law & Order star Elisabeth Rohm sat down to chat with us about her path to motherhood, infertility and the joys of watching her...
  3. School & Education

    5 Ways to prep for college in middle school

    Plan ahead to help your middle-school child understand the value of a college degree, prepare for its academic challenges, explore...
  4. School & Education

    Top 10 majors for 2013

    So, you're off to college! Of course, now you have some questions to answer. If you're not sure what degree plan to choose, we've...
  5. Baby Names

    School spirit: College-inspired baby names

    Go big with a baby name inspired by a college or university. These cool baby names are unique without sounding too “out...
  6. Careers

    The student mom: How to choose the right university

    The best way to continue your education and professional development is to earn your bachelor's or master's degree. With so many...
  7. Careers

    Military resources: Education options & benefits for veterans

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    Transitioning from military service to the civilian world can prove challenging for veterans. Thankfully, educational programs and...
  8. Careers

    10 Surprising statistics about adult learners

    For those adults who bypassed college for a job, travel, marriage or babies, a college education is a tempting goal. College...
  9. Careers

    How to have a career and go back to school

    Returning to school while retaining a career is not for the faint of heart. But with some planning, perseverance and a strong...
  10. School & Education

    Your kid is in college — do you still shop for them?

    Moms often take pleasure in shopping for their kids, but how old is too old for you to do their clothes shopping?
  11. School & Education

    6 Campus fashion trends to avoid

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    Be the style star on campus by avoiding these six trends. It may be tempting to wear that comfy T-shirt from the bookstore, but...
  12. School & Education

    College Chic: How to look best for class

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    Start the year off on the right foot by ditching typical athletic wear for stylish clothes that actually deliver more comfort by the...
  13. School & Education

    Does your college student need renters insurance?

    Most parents think about the physical safety of (and how much they'll miss) their kids when they go off to college... but what about...
  14. Parenting

    Essential steps for students to capitalize on college

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    Last year, the Associated Press reported that 53.6 percent of adults with bachelor’s degrees under the age of 25 were either...
  15. School & Education

    5 Ways to pay for college, from experience

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    It’s old news by now — college is expensive. Really expensive. Some are lucky enough to have a loving grandparent with...
  16. Entertainment

    QUIZ: Match the celebrity to their impressive degree

    It seems only fair that we be given one exceptional gift, which in the case of celebrities is the ability to act and market...
  17. School & Education

    Degrees that pay: 10 Majors that lead to higher salaries

    When deciding what to major in, you consider job opportunity, growth, if it’s something you’ll enjoy, if it’s something you’re...
  18. Parenting

    Life after high school

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    After 12 long years of hard work and studying, high school graduation is finally here. After the caps and gowns come off and the...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Emma Watson heads back to school

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    Emma Watson has one of the hottest careers in Hollywood right now. Instead of hitting a film set, though, she's headed back to school.
  20. Parenting

    Top 12 graduation gifts for college-bound students

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    As you prepare to watch your high school senior take her final steps towards graduation, finding the perfect gift means more than...