1. School & Education

    Student leaders showed up wearing shirts that mock campus safe space policy

    Some student mentors took the idea of a campus safe space and mocked it, and it's creeping out other students. How is "f*** safe...
  2. Living

    All women's college opens enrollment to transgender applicants

    Any qualified student that is a woman — or identifies as a woman — is now free to apply for admission to Mount Holyoke College in...
  3. Parenting

    University offers scholarships to elite video-gamers (VIDEO)

    Playing video games might be as essential as doing your homework if you're counting on scholarships to pay for college.
  4. Tips & Advice

    Safe at school: Campus safety tips for college kids

    Is your college kid getting ready to head to campus? Whether your child is a returning student or a freshman heading away to college...
  5. Living

    Young girl graduates from high school and college in same week

    Grace Bush is an incredible girl with ambition, a work ethic Vince Lombardi would envy and a blindingly bright future.
  6. Living

    The 6 steps to actually getting up for your college class

    College is hard. Not only do you have to drag yourself out of bed after what seems like (and might actually be) mere minutes of...
  7. Health & Wellness

    5 Tips for getting through your long day of classes

    A long day of classes can be a downer, but with these five tips for your morning routine, you will be able to stay fresh, fly and...
  8. Parenting

    The college care package your freshman really wants

    Help ease the transition from home to college for your freshmen co-ed with a care package filled with stuff she'll actually want. Of...
  9. Parenting

    Is college really the best choice for your teen?

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    It's that time of year when high school seniors grab their diplomas and toss their graduation caps into the air. While college is...
  10. Parenting

    Extracurricular activities that maximize your student's college application

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  11. Tips & Advice

    This breastfeeding graduate is doing it right

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    A young mother posted a lovely photo of herself breastfeeding her baby during her college graduation, and for some reason, some...
  12. Careers

    How to help your unemployed college graduate find a job

    Graduation has come and gone, and many graduates are still jobless. Tony Beshara, Ph.D., explains how to leave unemployment in the...
  13. Finance

    5 Unexpected costs you’re not prepared for

    Life is unpredictable, and when unexpected moments happen, they can be costly. Here are five unexpected expenses you probably aren't...
  14. Parenting

    Majoring in debt

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    When your teen starts thinking about what college major to choose, how can you help them gather the most useful information? Many...
  15. School & Education

    Public high school vs. private: Does it affect college options?

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    Does going to a public school hurt your chances of getting into an Ivy League college compared to your private school peers? Not at...
  16. Parenting

    SAT exams are changing in a big way

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    The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an assessment tool designed to test academic readiness for college, and is the most widely...
  17. Books

    A married woman’s take on Susan Patton’s Marry Smart

    College is prime dating territory, but in your early 20s, is it really wise to scare up a husband and expect a successful marriage?
  18. Parenting

    Entitled teenager sues parents for college tuition

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    Can teenagers seriously sue their parents for private school and college tuition? One New Jersey judge has already ruled in favor of...
  19. Careers

    10 Flexible part-time jobs for college students

    In college, your studies are your main focus, but the bills still need to be paid, right? Check out these flexible part-time jobs to...
  20. Parenting

    Should your teen wait to start college?

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    Most 18-year-olds, fresh out of high school, have no idea what they want to do for a living. Should they explore their options in...