coffee addict

  1. Women's Health

    Is your coffee habit a medical addiction?

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    Your coffee habit could be caffeine use disorder. Find out how to tell if you have CUD, and how to treat it.
  2. Home

    Gift ideas for the coffee addict

    Shopping for a coffee addict this holiday season? We have tons of clever ideas to ensure you give her just what she's craving this...
  3. Shopping for the Home

    9 Holiday-inspired coffees

    The telltale sign that you're officially an adult comes on Christmas morning. If you need to grab a cup of joe before unwrapping...
  4. Home

    Coffee maker roundup

    Shh. I have a secret for you. Did you know that there are a lot of people out there who love coffee? Crazy, right? Most people even...
  5. Gifts

    Hot gifts for the coffee addict on your list

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    A day just doesn’t start off right without a steaming cup of coffee — at least when you are a coffee lover. You know the type — they...
  6. Christmas

    Holiday gift ideas with buzz

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    Wondering what to get the coffee lover on your gift list? Let these ideas percolate to help you find the perfect gift!
  7. Christmas

    Holiday gift ideas for the coffee-holic

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    Everyone knows that winter is the season for hot beverages. When the weather outside is too frightful to venture out, cozying up...