coconut recipes

  1. Healthy Recipes & Nutrition

    Go nuts for coconut

    Coconut has tons of benefits from good fats to hydrating water. Learn how to get the most out of it.
  2. Wine & Cocktail Recipes

    Chocolate coconut martini

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    If you're a fan of Almond Joy candy bars, you will love this martini. A blend of chocolate liqueur, coconut and cream is transformed...
  3. Dessert Recipes

    Tapioca pudding with coconut & raw cane sugar syrup

    A dessert with all the markings of Asia in it. Raw cane sugar, coconut and tapioca cooked together into dessert perfection!
  4. Baking

    Pumpkin seven-layer bars

    Lots of flavor and seven layers of deliciousness. Coconut, pumpkin, nuts and sweet chocolate morsels. What's not love?
  5. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Pumpkin coconut pudding

    A creamy, fall-inspired pudding that's healthy to boot!
  6. Dieting & Nutrition

    Nuts over coconuts: Thai coconut smoothie recipe

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    Are you cuckoo for coconut? There are many health benefits to this tropical fruit that just so happens to taste amazing too. We’re...
  7. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    A guide to using coconut flour

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    Coconut flour is becoming more and more popular yet many of us still find ourselves clueless as to how to use it. Here we help fix...
  8. Dieting & Nutrition

    Supermarket find: Good greens that last longer

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    Have you ever been so inspired to amp up your health that you rush to the grocery store to stock up on as many leafy green...
  9. Baking

    Almond Joy brownie bars

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    Almond Joy doesn't have to come in candy bar form. These super-fudgy brownies are topped with toasted coconut, crunchy almonds and a...
  10. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Banana coconut smoothie

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    One sip of this delicious smoothie, and you'll feel like you're on vacation in a tropical paradise, just relaxing by the ocean with...
  11. Eat Organic

    DIY organic coconut milk

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    Coconut milk is not only delicious, it's easy to make right at home. Only organic shredded coconut and hot water result in this...
  12. Baking

    Coconut cream pie with cookie crust

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    Coconut cream pie is a classic diner dessert. We jazzed up this already delicious sweet pie by putting it into a coconut oatmeal...
  13. Vegan Recipes

    Vegan coconut ice cream

    This vegan coconut ice cream uses only coconut milk for its base, resulting in a concentrated flavor and creamy texture.
  14. Baking

    Coconut delight cookie bars

    Love Girl Scout cookies? Want to learn to make them at home? These cookie bars taste like caramel delights but with a lot less work!
  15. Healthy Desserts

    No-bake coconut bars recipe

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    Love coconut? Then this recipe is going to blow your mind. This no-bake recipe for coconut bars uses only a few simple ingredients...
  16. Dessert Recipes

    Irish potatoes

    Have you ever heard of Irish potatoes? If you answered no, you are in for a treat! Sweet little candies all rolled in cinnamon and...
  17. Baking

    Bite size pie bites

    Who wants to feel guilty about eating a whole pie? These one bite pie squares are perfect for a party or a simple and light dessert.
  18. Meatless Recipes

    Coconut pancakes with roasted fruit topping

    Bring a taste of the islands home with these healthy, vegan coconut pancakes. Roasted seasonal fruit makes a great topping. No...
  19. Family Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Coconut drumsticks

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    Everything from corn flakes to crackers has been used to make chicken crispy. But coconut and chutney not only give the drumsticks...
  20. Baking

    Mini coconut cream tarts

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    Everything is better when made in miniature and these coconut cream tarts are no exception. A creamy coconut custard blends...