1. Food & Kitchen How-tos

    How to choose the right cinnamon

    The right cinnamon can add new dimension to your recipes. Use these tips to make the best choice the next time you open your spice...
  2. Quick & Easy Recipes

    How to boil cinnamon sticks

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    Cinnamon has a variety of therapeutic effects. It can help regulate blood sugar, reduce the spread of certain cancer cells, reduce...
  3. Wine & Cocktail Recipes

    Four fall cocktails to make at home

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    With the school year back in high gear and evening temperatures dropping just below chilly, it might be time to rethink Friday date...
  4. Food & Recipes

    A taste of autumn spices

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    Want to bring a taste of autumn to your table? Nothing says fall quite like allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg. From...