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  1. Television

    Christopher Walken to play Captain Hook: Our 5 Favorite CW moments

    If dry humor was a science, Christopher Walken would be Hollywood's lead authority on the subject. He went from playing bada**,...
  2. Television

    NBC's Peter Pan Live nabs Christopher Walken as Captain Hook

    Need another reason to rejoice that NBC is doing a live musical this holiday season? How about the fact that this year Christopher...
  3. Movies

    5 Things Jersey Boys and Les Mis movies have in common

    A movie version of the popular Broadway musical, Jersey Boys , hits theaters and it seems to have taken several cues from 2012's...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEO: Every Christopher Walken dance move in one supercut

    Christopher Walken is an epic actor, but he can also break into dance like no other. In an awesome dance scene supercut, Walken...
  5. Movies

    Seven Psychopaths , one hilarious DVD release

    Check which 5 DVDs topped our list this week, from Dracula to puppy burglars and beyond! If you're looking to take home a new movie...
  6. Movies

    Stand Up Guys movie review: Alan Arkin has a threesome

    When three aging mobsters reunite after one is released from prison, it’s not long before they're back to their old ways, stealing...
  7. Movies

    Seven Psychopaths movie review: Savagely satiating

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    In this delightful dude-driven, Adaptation -meets- Pulp Fiction -inspired flick, convention gets thrown out the car window as Colin...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    More changes surface in Natalie Wood death case

    Earlier this summer, authorities took the big step of changing Natalie Wood's death from "accidental drowning" to "undetermined."...
  9. Entertainment

    Natalie Wood's cause of death no longer ruled an accident

    After the boat's captain came forward with new information, the LA Police Department re-opened the case.
  10. Television

    Robert Wagner is a murder suspect -- on NCIS

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    Robert Wagner's life just got a little more awkward, thanks to his appearance as a murder suspect on the CBS show NCIS .
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Robert Wagner is untouchable in Natalie Wood case

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    Why a Natalie Wood murder charge would probably never be prosecuted, no matter if police point the finger at Robert Wagner,...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Why is Christopher Walken involved in the Natalie Wood case?

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    Christopher Walken was with Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood on the night she died. Is he talking about that night?