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    Guardians of the Galaxy 's James Gunn: Bonus clip during credits adds "entire new element to the Marvel universe"

    SheKnows sat down with the stars of Guardians of the Galaxy before the film's opening this week and learned some juicy secrets...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Pratt is ditching his diet for pancakes and fast food

    Chris Pratt shed a lot of weight and trained hard to look as amazing as he did in the summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy .
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    Michael Rooker on Guardians of the Galaxy : "It's gonna blow your mind!"

    Michael Rooker has perfected playing the anti-hero. From a serial killer to a redneck zombie and everything in between, the veteran...
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    Our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy so far: Bigger is better

    Last night, Marvel offered an exclusive sneak-peek screening of their upcoming flick Guardians of the Galaxy . The 17-minute IMAX...
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    Who's hotter: Channing Tatum vs. Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt is like the subtly hot outdoorsman who sits on the corner stool at your neighborhood brewery and Channing Tatum is the...
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    Hot new actors who put Channing Tatum to shame

    We'll always love Channing Tatum, but lately we've been distracted by talented eye candy. Get to know the eight up-and-comers who've...
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    Chris Pratt joined Guardians of the Galaxy without a script

    Chris Pratt may be the breakout star from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy . He was so excited to join the cast that he signed on...
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    INTERVIEW: Delivery Man cast on how being parents affected their roles

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    Some movies are worth the trip to the theater. Some movies bring ideas, great characters and lessons to be learned. Delivery Man...
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    INTERVIEW: Cobie Smulders gets tough in Delivery Man

    Cobie Smulders tackles the role of a New York City cop who gets pregnant by her loser boyfriend. SheKnows sat down with Cobie to...
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    INTERVIEW: Chris Pratt gained 60 pounds for Delivery Man

    Chris Pratt packed on the pounds for his role in this new film that also stars Vince Vaughn. How'd he do it? He claims 25 pounds was...
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    SheKnows dishes on freaky foods with Anna Faris

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    Anna Faris is busy these days. When she's not presenting at the Emmys, she's starring in a new sitcom and voice acting in the...
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    Thankful Thursday: Nick Jonas & other smokin' hot guy selfies

    It’s Thankful Thursday, and this Thursday we’re thankful for Instagram and the insanely hot men who share their self-love through...
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    Let's go! Guardians of the Galaxy begins production

    The Avengers isn't the only superhero team in the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy are about to steal their shine.
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    Vince Vaughn becomes an insta-dad in Delivery Man

    Vince Vaughn turns a negative into a positive in the Delivery Man trailer. The actor headlines the comedy, in which his character...
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    Chris Pratt shows off his seriously sexy body on Instagram

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    Chris Pratt is apparently living in the gym in order to prepare for his new role in Guardians of the Galaxy .
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    Marvel casts WWE wrestler in Guardians of the Galaxy

    The Guardians of the Galaxy roster is growing. Marvel's upcoming superhero team just landed another star. Wrestler-turned-actor...
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    Parks and Recreation sneak peek: Two "parties"

    Leslie and Ben begin their walk to the altar with a little help from their friends. (And a former Speaker of the House.)
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    Meet the hot men of Zero Dark Thirty

    There's nothing more attractive than a man in uniform. The political drama Zero Dark Thirty features plenty of them thanks to its...
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    10 Years movie review: High school highs and lows

    This ensemble dramedy is about facing your high school peers and fears 10 years after graduation. The whole story takes place on one...
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    Anna Faris and Chris Pratt welcome brand new baby

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    Anna Faris gave birth on Saturday to a baby boy. The baby, named Jack, wasn't due until fall and is currently in NICU.