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    Into the Woods : Has Disney gone too far cleaning up Sondheim's naughty forest?

    Themes of infidelity and lust in Sondheim's musical prove too risqué for Disney.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Pine loses license after pleading guilty to DUI

    Chris Pine won't be able to drive in New Zealand for six months after pleading guilty to DUI and losing his driver's license.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Pine pinched for drunk driving in New Zealand

    Chris Pine was pulled over and arrested for DUI in New Zealand after leaving a wrap party for his latest film.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    10 Printable celebrity Valentine's Day cards

    Want to make the object of your desire starry-eyed this Valentine's Day? We've got you covered. Print, pin, tweet or mail one of our...
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    Did Keira Knightley cause drama on the Jack Ryan set?

    We had the chance to chat with the hot, blue-eyed fox about his character, Jack Ryan, and working with British actress Keira...
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    10 Things you don't know about People's Choice nom Chris Pine

    With one successful franchise underway and another in the works, Star Trek actor Chris Pine is poised for mega-stardom. Here are a...
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    CLIP: Chris Pine gets roughed up in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    Jack Ryan has no idea what he's gotten himself into. In this extended clip from Shadow Recruit , the young analyst is thrown into...
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    TRAILER: Chris Pine's Jack Ryan is a Shadow Recruit

    Paramount's finally given us our first look at Chris Pine as Jack Ryan. The Star Trek actor tackles the iconic role in the...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Alec Baldwin wishes he was still playing Jack Ryan

    Alec Baldwin played the famous fictional character only once, 23 years ago. But now that he knows what he knows, he wishes he would...
  10. Entertainment

    PHOTOS: R.I.P.D. 's Ryan Reynolds and other hot movie cops

    Admit it: The main reason you agree to go to movies that are too loud and too violent with your guy is the hot men in uniform. We...
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    Check out exclusive photos from Star Trek Into Darkness !

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    Spock’s ears. Kirk’s eyes. Both are sexy, both have a unique charm, but which star-traveler really makes us swoon? With the new film...
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    Star Trek Into Darkness movie review: Boldly go into 3D

    The second film in the Star Trek revamp warp-speeds through the universe, bringing intense action scenes, futuristic fashions, and...
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    Stars light up the desert at Coachella

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    We've got the scoop on the best star-studded parties and events from the 2013 Coachella music festival.
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    New Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer takes us on a manhunt

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    Manhunt alert! J.J. Abrams launches his latest Star Trek brainchild Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D on May 15 and in theaters...
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    New Star Trek 2 trailer plays up bad boy Kirk

    It's been four years since we were introduced to Chris Pine's Captain Kirk. The young captain of the Enterprise is back for...
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    The book behind Rise of the Guardians

    From the book The Guardians of Childhood, find out how the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and other mythological...
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    Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine to host the Sci-Tech Awards

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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is beaming up two Trekkies -- Zoe Saldana and Chris Pine -- to host their Sci-Tech...
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    Teaser: Star Trek Into Darkness

    If you're a Star Trek fan — or a Zachary Quinto or Chris Pine fan or (maybe!) a Benedict Cumberbatch fan — we challenge you to go...
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    Rise of the Guardians movie review: Tooth fairy gets jacked

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    What does this clever assortment of fabled childhood heroes, ranging from the Tooth Fairy to Santa Claus to the Sand Man, all have...