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    Chris Harrison upset by Bachelorette entrant Eric Hill's death

    The tragic death of The Bachelorette contestant Eric Hill has deeply saddened all those who are a part of the show, and host Chris...
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    Chris Harrison: Something didn't fit with bachelor Juan Pablo

    The Bachelor host Chris Harrison admitted that something didn't feel right with Juan Pablo Galavis from the very beginning of...
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    Jillian Harris defends Juan and Nikki, not Bachelor franchise

    Jillian Harris has the inside scoop and she let it all out on her blog today, defending Juan Pablo Galavis and telling the world why...
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    Guys who aren't d***s & other changes The Bachelor needs

    Here's what needs to happen. The format of The Bachelor is out of control, and if Chris Harrison expects us to keep watching, he's...
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    10 Reasons Nikki and Juan Pablo are confusing

    Juan Pablo picked Nikki as his new leading lady because he likes her "a lot." But we think it's far from true love this season on...
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    The Bachelor host Chris Harrison: No chubby Bachelors

    Chris Harrison has seen many Bachelors come and go, and whilst he may be on the fence when it comes to having a homosexual one, he...
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    INTERVIEW: Will Bachelor Juan Pablo refuse to pick a final girl?

    Ay yai yai is right! If you thought Bachelor Juan Pablo was hot before, wait until you read our interview! Instead of getting him...
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    10 Cutest photos of Juan Pablo with his daughter

    As if The Bachelor 's Juan Pablo needed to get any more attractive, seeing pictures of him with his daughter Camila is enough to...
  9. Television

    The Bachelor review: Bring on the ladies and drama

    It's January so most of us ladies are feeling a bit feverish. No, it's not the flu. It's Juan Pablo! Don't worry, we've got the...
  10. Television

    5 OMG moments from The Bachelor premiere

    Juan-uary is almost here! But if you're having trouble waiting for The Bachelor premiere just like us, don't worry — we've got the...
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    The Bachelor : Meet Juan Pablo's 27 women

    The ladies of Season 18 have been announced! From a former NBA dancer to a flower child, learn all about the 27 women Juan Pablo...
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    Singles want Aziz Ansari to be the next Bachelor

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    A poll found that online daters want to see a television star give out roses on the next season of The Bachelor .
  13. Television

    The Bachelorette : Des may go home alone

    Desiree gave her heart to Brooks, but he gave it right back when he left the show last week because he didn't think Des was "the...
  14. Entertainment

    Happy b-day, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock & Chris Harrison! How they're connected, six-degrees style

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    Three huge celebs celebrate their birthdays on July 26: Kate Beckinsale turns 40; Sandra Bullock turns 49; and Chris Harrison turns...
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    New app helps you date like The Bachelorette

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    The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison teamed up with the show's creator to release a new video dating app, At First Sight. What we...
  16. Television

    Celebs react on Twitter: The Bachelorette

    From past contestants of the show to Howard Stern, everyone's got something to say about this season of The Bachelorette so far.
  17. Television

    The Bachelorette first look: Meet the 25 men

    Here are the men who will make you swoon, raise an eyebrow and, let's be honest, yell at your television on the upcoming season of...
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    "Delusional" Tierra takes her lumps on The Bachelor special

    The woman cast as the villainess makes a surprise visit to The Bachelor 's "Women Tell All" special to confront the women who...
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    Chris Harrison & Justin Bieber's mom: New power couple?

    Chris Harrison and Justin Bieber's mom were photographed together earlier this week. Is there a love match? Not so fast...
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    Hot tubs and mom time? The Bachelorette starts tonight!

    Emily Maynard returns to ABC as the latest Bachelorette! However, she admitted she was afraid to take the lead and truly find a...