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    Stark differences in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

    Oh, how the mighty do fall! Iron Man's technological prowess could be responsible for the end of the Avengers in the newest...
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    Who's hotter: James Franco vs. Dave Franco

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    In the ultimate example of sibling rivalry, we pit three pairs of super-handsome celebrity brothers against each other. So, tell...
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    Summer lovin': Sandra Bullock & Chris Evans dating?

    This could be an interesting new couple in Hollywood. Are Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans an item?
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    Captain America 's Chris Evans is done with acting

    Chris Evans may be the perfect Captain America, but fame and fortune has taught him he'd rather be any place other than in front of...
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    First trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

    The first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has arrived. It's everything we wanted it to be and more. Steve Rogers...
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    Minka Kelly and Chris Evans have called it quits, again

    After the second try at romance since 2007, Minka Kelly and Chris Evans have decided to call it quits once again.
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    Captain America 2 gets a patriotic teaser poster

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier is heading to San Diego Comic-Con. In preparation for the annual event, Marvel's unveiled a...
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    The Iceman movie review: Ice-Ice, Bang-Bang!

    Based on the real life of contract hit man Richie Kuklinski, this fateful tale of one man living two very different lives stars...
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    Hollywood's 10 hottest superheroes

    Iron Man 3 hits theaters this Friday, kicking off yet another blockbuster movie season filled with super(hot)heroes. Which one of...
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    Single for V-Day? Christian Grey and other fictional fantasies

    You're spending this Valentine’s Day alone and trying hard not to pout about it. To cheer you up, we’ve assembled a list of a few of...
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    What Hollywood's hottest men want in a woman

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    We don't plan on changing ourselves to fit a guy's expectations any time soon, but it sure is fun to see what hotter-than-hot male...
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    Scott Evans busted allegedly trying to score drugs

    The 29-year-old brother of Chris Evans was arrested on Tuesday night trying to buy drugs from an undercover police officer. Oops.
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    Movie review: The Avengers

    What's it like to go on a super hero holiday with your favorite comic-book icons? A lot like going to see The Avengers in 3-D, I'll...
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    Chris Evans' "one time only" high school sex life

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    Long before Chris Evans was a movie star he was an awkward high school boy who could hardly land a date. The Avengers star talks...
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    Captain America 2 springs forward in 2014

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    Everyone's favorite red, white and blue hero is heading to the big screen again. Following this year's The Avengers , Captain...
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    The Avengers trailer is finally here!

    Disney and Marvel have finally released the official trailer for their superhero film, The Avengers. The movie stars Robert Downey...
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    Anna Faris reveals Chris Evans' ideal woman

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    'What’s Your Number?' stars Chris Evans and Anna Faris sit down with SheKnows to chat about the flick and what Chris looks for in a...
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    Movie review: What’s Your Number?

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    When Anna Faris gives up her digits in What’s Your Number?, our favorite blonde funny girl has to deal with the consequences in this...
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    Watch Anna Faris reconnect with her magical ex in What's Your Number

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    Anna Faris plays Ally Darling in What's Your Number, a girl looking for The One in her exes, including this cheesy...
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    Watch Anna Faris fake a bad British accent in What's Your Number?

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    Anna Faris tries -- and fails -- to put on a British accent in What's Your Number.