1. Dessert Recipes

    Who put tomato soup in my chocolate cake?

    I can feel your crazy stares through the computer screen, and, I'll admit, they are totally warranted. Tomato soup? In a cake? And,...
  2. Dessert Recipes

    Pumpkin and whipped cream-filled whoopie pies

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    As if cake with whipped cream isn't good enough on its own, check out these moist and delicious chocolate whoopie pies filled with...
  3. Dessert Recipes

    Autumn tree cupcakes

    These delicious and beautiful cupcakes look like our favorite autumn trees, complete with multicolored leaves. Luckily for us, the...
  4. Party Foods & Recipes

    Adorable tree trunk cupcakes

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    The trunk of this tree is made from dark chocolate cake, and frosted faux bois which means wood that is fake. You say to yourself...
  5. Healthy Recipes

    Gluten-free Goodie of the Week: Devilish Chocolate-Zucchini Cake

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    Here's a great combo for the summer. Since zucchini is in abundance during the warm summer months, why not include it in your...