1. Birds

    Research suggests crows may be as smart as your children

    Have you ever wondered if it is possible for crows to be as intelligent as they are in Aesop's fable? Well, recent studies show that...
  2. Family Fun

    7 Ways to teach your kids storytelling

    Storytelling is a great skill to teach to kids. It helps improve their language skills, instills a love of reading and stirs their...
  3. Children's Diseases & Illnesses

    Surprise! Your child isn’t autistic after all

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    The guidelines to diagnose autism have changed — is your child still included?
  4. SheKnows Cares

    Instead of going to kindergarten, these kids are sold for sex

    In parts of Cambodia, it's not unusual to see children gathered in upscale hotels. But they aren't on vacation — they are there as...
  5. Christmas Gifts

    The cutest letters to Santa you'll ever read

    It's the time of the year when children are on their best behavior as they write letters to Santa to request everything on their...
  6. Activities for Kids

    Contest encourages parents and teachers to get kids moving

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    Quaker Oats wants to get parents and teachers moving!
  7. Marriage

    Couples discuss: How many kids should we have?

    We talked to real couples who thought long and hard about how many kids to have, and the reasoning behind their decision. Maybe...
  8. Children's Health

    The September epidemic: Why Sept. 19 is worst for allergies

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    Sept. 19 is known as the "September epidemic" in the medical world, thanks to its reputation as the worst day of the year for...
  9. Children's Health

    Want taller children? Drink milk, researchers say

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    Can a glass of milk a day while pregnant help you "grow" a taller child? Maybe, according to the results of a new study.
  10. Pets & Kids

    Kids and kittens: What could be cuter?

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    Need an afternoon pick me up or simply something to make you smile? Here's a combination of kittens and kiddies that will surely...
  11. Parenting

    Kid-friendly music that moms will love too

    You can’t help but cringe at the thought of one more chorus from The Wiggles, right? We feel your pain, Mama! That’s why we’ve...
  12. Travel

    Flying with baby: Make the process easier

    The angst involved in preparing for the first plane ride with baby is almost as challenging as the actual flight itself. We've...
  13. Kid-friendly

    Child Technology Geniuses

    Is your child a tech genius or a tech addict? From babies to teens, here are 5 kids who have turned their tech time into...
  14. Children's Health

    More kids ingesting marijuana

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    A report found that more children in Colorado accidentally ingested food containing marijuana after the drug was approved for...
  15. Having a Baby

    We disagreed on the size of our family — and our marriage ended

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    What happens when you want more children, but your better half doesn’t share your vision? Sometimes, the stalemate can end badly —...
  16. Children's Health

    Beyond autism awareness: Explaining autism to your child

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    As the numbers of children with autism continue to rise, there is no doubt your child will encounter kids with autism in school or...
  17. Cancer Info & Support

    Headbands of Hope

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    Looking for an easy way to give back and be inspired? Look no further than Headbands of Hope and their fight against childhood cancer.
  18. Preschoolers

    Simple ways to find more playtime

    School, homework and chores are important, but don't forget to make time for your kids to enjoy plenty of playtime, too!
  19. Preschoolers

    Bridging the sibling age gap during playtime

    Need ideas to encourage siblings with an age gap to play nicely together? Patience and praise help bridge the gap.
  20. Education

    Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids

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    Our children face an increasing number of issues at school each day -- from bullying to drug and alcohol abuse -- and it’s our job...