chicken recipes

  1. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Buffalo chicken cups

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    Just take simple wonton wrappers and fill them up with Buffalo chicken dip and top with a little blue cheese. This in one appetizer...
  2. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Chicken Alfredo pizza

    Alfredo sauce doesn't just have to go on pasta! This simple pizza combines Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken and cheese. This is one...
  3. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Stuffed chicken with pesto and goat cheese

    Dinnertime! Thinly sliced chicken breast wrapped up with goat cheese and homemade pesto. This is your new favorite flavor-packed...
  4. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Easy chicken cordon bleu

    Chicken cordon bleu sounds fancy, but it's actually very simple to make for a Sunday dinner. What a treat!
  5. Family Recipes

    Chicken nugget Caesar salad

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    Step up your Caesar salad by adding crispy chicken nuggets.
  6. Family Recipes

    Peanut crusted chicken and peanut rice

    The simple oven-roasted chicken and steamed rice gets a makeover with this easy dinner. The trick? Peanuts!
  7. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Garlic lemon chicken bake

    One pot cooking is always a big hit. This simple dish combines chicken, lemon, garlic, potatoes and mushrooms all baked in one dish....
  8. Family Recipes

    Roasted glazed Cornish game hen recipe

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    Surprise your family tonight with these simple and adorable sweet and savory roasted Cornish game hens!
  9. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Sweet and spicy Asian chicken

    Make this sweet and spicy Asian chicken for dinner tonight, and you won't need those take-out menus anymore.
  10. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Slow cooker barbecue chicken

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    Busy weeknights are not the time to wonder "what's for dinner?" This delicious slow cooker barbecue chicken is just the answer. Full...
  11. Family Recipes

    Beer-braised chicken sliders

    Give your bird a beer bath for a delicious take on barbecue chicken sliders.
  12. Family Recipes

    Crispy chicken thighs with braised kale and mashed potatoes

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    Impress your family tonight with a wholesome and delicious plate of crispy chicken thighs with braised kale and mashed potatoes!
  13. Family Recipes

    Grilled Greek chicken pitas with simple tzatziki sauce recipe

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    These grilled Greek chicken pitas are fun, interactive and totally delicious! Serve them in foil or wax paper bags to make it feel...
  14. Quick Meal Ideas

    Healthy barbecue chicken salad with barbecue ranch drizzle

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    A fully loaded salad bursting with flavors is what we want. Here, we share this spin on a barbecue chicken salad that is loaded with...
  15. Family Recipes

    Lemon and oregano chicken fillet

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    All you need is just a few minutes to make this quick and delicious Sicilian chicken dish. Chicken soaked in lemon and oregano...
  16. Family Recipes

    Chicken, sausage and shrimp gumbo

    This spicy chicken, sausage and shrimp gumbo takes some time to make, but after one bite you'll know it was worth the wait.
  17. Family Recipes

    Chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl

    Chicken noodle soup is the perfect cold weather meal. Serve it in fresh bread bowls for a fun twist.
  18. Quick Meal Ideas

    Quick chicken Marsala

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    Take advantage of store-bought rotisserie chicken to make home-cooked meals in minutes, like this quick chicken Marsala.
  19. Easy Global Recipes

    Thai chicken lettuce wraps with honey-peanut sauce

    Who doesn't love biting into a crisp lettuce wrap full of spicy Thai chicken? You don't have to go out to get this restaurant...
  20. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Buffalo chicken soup with orzo

    Calling all spice lovers — this one’s for you! Buffalo chicken soup is a quick and easy weeknight meal that packs a huge flavor punch.