chicken recipes

  1. Family Recipes

    Ginger and chicken soup

    Ginger gives this chicken soup a wonderful flavor, and there is also an unexpected addition of green papaya to accompany it. It's...
  2. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Chicken adobo sandwich

    If you have leftover chicken from dinner, make another meal out of it. Here's a very easy and seriously yummy sandwich to prepare in...
  3. Family Recipes

    Baked lemon soy chicken and rice platter

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    Nothing can be as simple as a lemon and soy sauce marinade. With this combination, a super-tasty chicken and rice dinner is born.
  4. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Thai coconut chicken soup with rice

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    A filling and flavorful soup for Sunday dinner is within reach. This recipe is easy to make with Thai-inspired ingredients that are...
  5. Quick Meal Ideas

    Warm Thai chicken salad with creamy ginger dressing

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    Fresh greens, crunchy cashews and warm chicken are the base for this delicious salad. Drizzle it with homemade ginger dressing for a...
  6. Family Recipes

    How to make any meal feel homemade

    We've all had those pathetic potpies — the ones with fake chunks of chicken and flimsy vegetables. Those are the pies that give the...
  7. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Chicken and mushroom pies

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    Comforting and delicious, these chicken and mushroom pies are filled with flavor and topped with a flaky crust. These pies are much...
  8. Family Recipes

    Homemade chicken apple and sage sausage patties

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    Fresh organic ground chicken breast, sweet apples and fresh herbs make up this delicious homemade breakfast sausage recipe.
  9. Family Recipes

    Southwest chicken salad with healthy avocado buttermilk dressing

    Having salad for dinner isn't boring when it's full of Southwest flavors and creamy avocado dressing.
  10. Gluten Free Recipes

    Bite-size gluten-free coconut chicken

    Juicy chicken is coated in a gluten-free, flourless coating and baked up golden brown. We also give you several other ways to enjoy...
  11. Family Recipes

    Skinny creamy chicken enchiladas

    You can enjoy creamy decadent chicken enchiladas with less guilt when you swap Greek yogurt for sour cream.
  12. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Sweet-n-spicy pan-glazed chicken

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    A honey glaze for chicken can come in many forms, but it’s almost always delightful! This sweet-n-spicy dish is no exception.
  13. Family Recipes

    Chicken, basil & spinach stir-fry

    There are a number of ideas for stir-fry dinners. With the some fresh ingredients that you can put together, this chicken dish comes...
  14. Family Recipes

    Red wine chicken with mushrooms

    Sometimes we can have delicious food in a flash but sometimes, we also have to cook for hours. This superb chicken dish cooked in...
  15. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Chicken Parmesan burgers

    Chicken Parmesan is great but what about in burger form? This baby is packed full of flavor and is a breeze to make.
  16. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Quick chicken roll-ups

    Jazz up your chicken dinner with these cheesy roll-ups!
  17. Family Recipes

    Creamy chicken and wild rice soup

    There’s nothing like a hot bowl of chicken soup to warm you up on a cold night. Add plenty of veggies and wild rice to make this a...
  18. Quick Meal Ideas

    Apple chicken cheddar melts

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    Crusty bread, tart apples, sharp cheddar and shredded chicken. What's not to love?
  19. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Chicken tortilla pie

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    You'll love this flavorful, Mexican-inspired dish for Sunday dinner, and it's as easy as pie to put together. It's no-fuss and all...
  20. Family Recipes

    Sunday dinner: Pulled chicken sandwiches

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    Perfect to serve while you watch the game on TV or simply as a picnic-style meal, this Sunday dinner recipe for pulled chicken...