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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Did Bill Murray and Harold Ramis reconcile before his death?

    Bill Murray and Harold Ramis have worked together on multiple films, but have been at odds for more than 20 years. He issued a...
  2. Television

    Crime can be funny! Detective comedies we love

    Who says law enforcement has to be so serious? If you like a healthy dose of humor with your criminal investigations, check out...
  3. Television

    Community shocker: Renewed for Season 5

    After what seemed like a farewell finale, NBC shockingly renews Community for a fifth season!
  4. Television

    Community finale: The baddest game of paintball yet

    Jeff is finally ready to graduate, but first he must defeat evil Jeff from the darkest timeline in an awesome paintball duel to the...
  5. Television

    Community recap: Singing puppets in hot air balloons

    The study group transforms into puppets as part of a therapy session to rehash a hot air balloon adventure gone wrong. There are...
  6. Television

    Community recap: How to catch a whale

    Dean Pelton tries to recruit a whale, Jeff spends bonding time with Pierce while Shirley and Troy go head to head in P.E.
  7. Television

    Community recap: This means war

    Oktoberfest, beer maidens, Nazi jokes, and World War II references. The Germans are ready to take over Greendale one study room at a...
  8. Television

    Community recap: Inspector Spacetime fun times

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    Troy and Abed's friendship runs into trouble at the Inspector Spacetime convention. Also, Annie goes a little crazy.
  9. Television

    Community recap: Haunted family reunion

    The study group is in for scares, sex toys and surprise characters when they venture to Pierce's mansion on Halloween.
  10. Television

    Happy Valloween from Community

    A look into Pierce's haunted mansion and the room with the swing.
  11. Television

    Community recap: Capture the balls

    Community is finally back and the study group is trying to cope with knowledge that this will be their last year together (maybe...
  12. Television

    New Community trailer: Finally!

    Guys! The return of Community is just around the corner and we've got a first look at what's ahead.
  13. Television

    Community : Chevy Chase is outta there!

    The Community cast is downsizing. In an expected move, Chevy Chase is leaving the show. He's the first series regular to jump ship...
  14. Television

    Chevy Chase loses it over racist Community character

    Community star Chevy Chase counters racism by using a racial slur.
  15. Television

    Community postponed yet again

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    Will the sitcom Community ever get any respect? It doesn't seem likely as its Season 4 debut is delayed indefinitely.
  16. Television

    Chevy Chase's archenemy apologizes

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    Community creator Dan Harmon is calling a truce in his war with Chevy Chase after a series of events left the actor steaming. Find...
  17. Movies & Reviews

    Father's Day fun: Top 10 movie dads

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    Father's Day is just around the corner and we've got our list of top 10 movie dads for you. Now, get your dad a cold beverage and...
  18. Movies & Reviews

    Fletch finally gets a reboot

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    Fletch is Chevy Chase's favorite role. If you're of a certain generation, it's probably one of your favorite films. They've tried...