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    5 Reasons Fifty Shades of Grey is going to suck

    Whether you think it's mommy porn or not, E L James' erotic fiction phenomenon, Fifty Shades of Grey , is coming to the big screen....
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    Top 10 sexiest (and shirtless!) movies

    Forget all the buzz about Golden Globe noms, what we really care about are the many muscled men of the movies. Take a look at our...
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    9 Funny celeb Elf on the Shelf memes

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    We've taken one of our favorite holiday traditions, the Elf on the Shelf, and kicked things up a notch. Because who doesn't want...
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    15 (shirtless) men we want Santa to put under the tree

    Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you've been super-good, maybe Santa will put one of these shirtless hunks under your...
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    Charlie Hunnam is "doing good" post- Fifty Shades of Grey

    Charlie Hunnam won what would have been the role of a lifetime for most actors. He finally opened up about how he's feeling now that...
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    Is this the new face of Christian Grey?

    Charlie Hunnam may not have wanted the fame that comes with a big role, but plenty of actors out there would. So who is the...
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    Dakota Johnson: Anastasia Steele no more?

    Is Dakota Johnson struggling to keep her role as Anastasia Steele? Sources say Johnson faces an almost certain exit, but others...
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    Is this why Charlie Hunnam left Fifty Shades of Grey ?

    Charlie Hunnam's done with Fifty Shades of Grey and we think we know why. Sources claim there's an underlying reason for his...
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    Charlie Hunnam exits Fifty Shades of Grey

    It was the most coveted role in Hollywood this summer, and Charlie Hunnam got it. But on Saturday, he exited the film Fifty Shades...
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    Fifty Shades of Grey fans petition to replace actors

    When news came out that Fifty Shades of Grey producers cast Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson for the lead roles in the film, fans...
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    Sigh... Ryan Gosling turned down Fifty Shades of Grey

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    Ryan Gosling was actually the first choice to play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey , according to a new report. So, why...
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    Get ready to fall in love with Fifty Shades ' Charlie Hunnam

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    Fifty Shades of Grey fans seem to be divided right down the middle on the official naming of Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson as...
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    Melanie Griffith and other celebs react to Fifty Shades news

    After learning the big news about who would be playing the main characters in Fifty Shades of Grey , celebs took to Twitter to...
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    Fifty Shades of Grey finds Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey

    It's been months in the making, but E L James has finally confirmed her Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades of...
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    Will Charlie Hunnam dominate in Fifty Shades of Grey ?

    Universal Pictures is desperately seeking actors for Fifty Shades of Grey . Their latest casting net has drawn two blue-eyed...
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    Man Candy Mondays Hall of Fame

    It was a grueling job sifting through all our Man Candy fineness to bring you our top picks, but darn it, someone had to do it!...
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    Battle of the flicks: Pacific Rim vs. Grown Ups 2

    A sci-fi action film in 3D starring Sons of Anarchy hottie Charlie Hunnam opens against a sequel to an Adam Sandler laugher. Which...
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    Pacific Rim movie review: Popcorn with a shot of Jaeger?

    This epic sci-fi action adventure pits two-brained human warriors inside a Transformers -style robot against giant, angry, squishy...
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    Pacific Rim : Trailer, cast and more

    Guillermo del Toro is taking you on a wild ride with monsters vs. robots. Get your sci-fi fix with the epic tale of Pacific Rim .
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    10 Predictions for male celebs who we'll ooh and aah over in 2013

    We have our tried and true celeb crushes (hello, Ryan Gosling), but we’re always willing to branch out and see what other cuties are...