1. Décor & Style

    Wall accents way better than a boring picture frame

    Instead of decorating your walls with the usual framed photos, try something unexpected. Faux taxidermy, jumbo letters, display...
  2. Crafts

    DIY chalkboard mugs

    There is a way to make your drink more exciting and it has everything to do with great decorations for your mug.
  3. Crafts

    Chalkboard quote tutorial

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    Creating professional looking chalkboard art is actually a lot easier than it seems!
  4. Mother's Day

    A handmade craft for Mother’s Day: DIY chalkboard coasters

    Although flowers are nice and jewelry is always appreciated, why not surprise your mom with a truly personalized gift this Mother's...
  5. Crafts

    DIY chalkboard mugs

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    Buying holiday gifts for everyone on our list is fun, but only when you have the budget! For many of us, the thought of buying...
  6. How-Tos

    How to use chalkboard paint

    Chalkboard walls are popping up everywhere. Chalkboard paint is readily available in a variety of colors and is one of the easiest...
  7. How-Tos

    How to make your own chalkboard paint

    Chalkboards are no longer just for classrooms -- they've managed to find their way into homes. These erasable surfaces are...
  8. Décor & Style

    Decorating with chalkboard paint

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    If you think a chalkboard’s place is only in the classroom, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Today, interior designers and event...