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    Jail time! Chad Johnson sexually harasses his lawyer in court

    Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson overplayed his luck Monday when he pulled a courtroom stunt that landed him 30 days of jail time.
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    Evelyn Lozada won't renew OOP against Chad Ochocinco 

    Despite a serious claim of domestic abuse by estranged wife Evelyn Lozada, Ochocinco will be able to put his domestic violence...
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    Chad Johnson dodges the slammer

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    The former Dancing With The Stars contestant pleads "no contest" today in a Florida courtroom in order to escape time in jail.
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    The "fairytale" is over: Ochocinco files for divorce

    Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson is now free to find as many women on Twitter as he wants: He just filed for divorced from his Basketball...
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    Chad Johnson gets tat of wife's face, ignores divorce papers

    Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson's refusal to sign papers to move forward with his blink-and-you-miss-it-quick divorce to reality TV star...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Chad Johnson back on Twitter binge: "Don't feel bad for me"

    After taking an (albeit brief) uncharacteristic break from Twitter following his arrest for allegedly head-butting ex Evelyn Lozada,...
  7. Television

    Cameras roll as Chad Johnson fired after arrest

    Just as VH1's already-shot series featuring the now-divorcing Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Evelyn Lozada, had to be canned, HBO no...
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    Evelyn Lozada hopes Ochocinco "gets help"

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    Evelyn Lozada broke her silence on the arrest of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson for allegedly head-butting her last weekend. Will she get...
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    Chad Ochocinco loses both his jobs after arrest

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    Chad Johnson has a few more problems on his plate stemming from his weekend arrest on domestic violence charges: He's lost both his...
  10. Television

    Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson leaves jail after "head-butting" wife

    As of Monday morning, the over-the-top football star formerly known as Chad Ochocinco had been released from jail, but he's also out...
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    Chad Ochocinco's release brings out Twitter jokesters

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    Chad Ochocinco's release from the Patriots means the footballer is technically an unemployed man. What might be an upsetting...
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    Chad Ochocinco heartbroken over stolen Starbucks

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    Chad Ochocino's just wanted a chill day off on Wednesday. Instead, he was left desperately searching for his Starbucks gold card...
  13. Television

    Goodbye Basketball Wives : Hello Ev and Ocho !

    Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are at it again. VH1's favorite couple are getting their own TV show. They'll star in the...
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    Chad Ochocinco proposes to Evelyn Lozada

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    Chad Ochocinco is reportedly set to marry Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada. Who wants to take bets on how long this will last?
  15. Food & Recipes

    Chad Ochocinco cereal box recalled for phone sex line typo

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    Boxes of Ochocinco's, the cereal named for Cincinnati Bengals player Chad Ochocinco, was pulled from Kroger shelves after a...