cell phones

  1. Living

    Are you being hacked by bogus cellphone towers in your neighborhood?

    Someone could be hacking your phone right now with a phony cell tower, and you wouldn't have a clue.
  2. K-12

    Mom develops Ignore No More app to punish kids who don't call back

    A mom develops an app that can lock a kid's phone if her texts go unanswered. Sounds great, right? Well, why not just take the phone...
  3. Music

    Peter Frampton throws away cell phone of rule-breaking fan

    Technology can be a blessing that makes our lives easier, but it can also be a curse. That's exactly what happened at the Peter...
  4. Dating

    Is your phone preventing you from sleeping with him?

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    Newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have adopted a strict no-technology policy in the bedroom. Can doing the same save your love...
  5. Living

    Tips for getting the most from your phone’s camera

    From catching those important moments to knowing how to edit and share your pictures on social media sites, there are a lot of ways...
  6. Living

    5 Things your cell phone provider doesn’t want you to know

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    These days, a cell phone is just a necessity. But that doesn't mean cell phone providers should be able to do what they want. We've...
  7. Living

    Kids and cell phones: What you need to know

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    "All the cool kids have cell phones, mom!" Getting a cell phone for your child is a huge step. We're here to help you weigh the pros...
  8. Tips & Advice

    Creative ways to put your cell phone on lockdown

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    Does texting trump talking at your dinner table? Does your teen spend more quality time with his smartphone than you? Are you even...
  9. Living

    Parenting controls for cell phone safety

    School is back in session and the kids are going to be screaming for new cell phones soon (if they're not already). Do you know your...
  10. Living

    Teaching kids about cell phone safety

    Owning a cell phone is a huge responsibility — especially for growing minds. The relationship your child has with their cell phone...
  11. Living

    Creating basic cell phone rules for kids

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    So you finally broke down and got your kid a cell phone. Now what? Keep it under control with some basic cell phone rules.
  12. Living

    How to encourage responsible cell phone use

    Cell phones are incredible tools that allow us to contact friends, colleagues and loved ones in a matter of seconds. While allowing...
  13. Living

    Is your kid addicted to their cell phone?

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    Does your kid just really like her cell phone, or is it something more than that?
  14. Finance

    How to secure your cell phone

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    Most of us can't live without our smartphones these days. Unfortunately, as it gets easier for you to use your phone as an everyday...
  15. Tips & Advice

    Are smartphones for kids a smart idea?

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    It seems everyone has a smartphone these days, including young kids. Here are expert tips for deciding if your child should have a...
  16. Fashion & Style

    Fergie talks Fashion Week and the looks Josh likes

    Fergie hosts a runway show for Case-Mate’s trendy new line at New York Fashion Week and chats with SheKnows about her own...
  17. Tips & Advice

    Childproof your phone

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    Your child isn't ready to have free reign over your mobile phone, but telling your kiddo to keep his paws off your device isn't your...
  18. Living

    3 Steps to decide between iPhone or Droid

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    We help you understand the major differences between two of the three most popular mobile operating systems on the market: Apple's...
  19. Finance

    Signs it’s time to add 4G mobile hotspot service to your cell phone

    In this day and age of high speed Internet access, we want what we want and we want it yesterday. We don’t want to wait for slow...
  20. Finance

    Always in charge: how to keep your mobile devices charged up

    We have become so reliant on our smart phones' ability to check our e-mail, update our Facebook and tweet all at once. But it takes...