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    Samsung users beware: This girl's phone caught on fire

    It's something we all do — scroll through our feeds before bed, set the alarm clock on our cell and tuck it under our pillow for...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Crazy things you need to know about Shailene Woodley

    Shailene Woodley has some cool hobbies and viewpoints. Here are a five things about the actress that are pretty hard to believe.
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Planning a party with your phone

    The perfect party planning tool is in the palm of your hand. Use your Windows Phone to plan every aspect of your party, from start...
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    Lessons all teens should know about texting

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    Texting is an essential way for teens to communicate. Unfortunately, they're not always mature enough to handle the risks that come...
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    What age is too young for a cell phone?

    Is your child old enough for a cell phone?
  6. Finance

    Always connected? Dos and don'ts of after-hours availability

    Smartphones are great because we can conduct our work wherever and whenever we want. Or are they? While there is something to be...
  7. Parenting

    8 Tech gadgets for kids

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    Parenting in the 21st century means keeping up with technology -- especially when it comes to the gadgets your kids are using. From...
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    Best cell phone features for kids

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    The days when cell phones were used exclusively for talking are long gone, and the options for calling plans, features and extras...
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    Teaching kids about cell phone safety

    Kids' cell phones come with their own set of parental headaches, not least of which is who they're allowed to talk to, text and (if...
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    Parenting controls for cell phone safety

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    Cell phones for children are useful for staying in contact with parents and for emergency purposes, but do these benefits outweigh...