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    Glee star Dot-Marie Jones surprises guests with a wedding

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    Their friends thought they were going to a holiday party at Glee star Dot-Marie Jones' house. Surprise! It was a wedding!
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    Google Zeitgeist looks at the top celeb news of 2013

    Google Zeitgeist has just released a list of the most popular celebrity stories from this year. Find out who is the queen of...
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    Surprise! Brian Kelley of the Florida Georgia Line is married

    Brian Kelley of the Florida Georgia Line band married his sweetheart, Brittney Marie Cole, in a surprise and unexpected wedding on...
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    SYTYCD alums Allison Holker & tWitch dance down the aisle

    It was SYTYCD 's first wedding! Former contestants tWitch and Allison Holker make it official with a walk down the aisle.
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    Family Ties star Meredith Baxter marries her longtime partner

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    Meredith Baxter is a bride again. She and her longtime partner Nancy Locke marry after seven years of dating.
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    Kim Kardashian wedding destination is... the Palace of Versailles

    Kanye West And Kim Kardashian are planning the wedding of the century and if rumors are true, they'll be having a royal affair!
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    Did Terrence Howard get married after a month of dating?

    Did Terrence Howard walk down the aisle again? His reported new bride would be wife No. 4.
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    Cher Lloyd evades the pap to wed in secret

    Cher Lloyd is officially off the market! The British singer has just revealed that she secretly got married to her longtime beau,...
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    Jessica Biel's advice for Lance Bass' wedding

    Lance Bass is getting wedding-planning help from some very experienced friends, including Jessica Biel.
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    'NSYNC reunites (again) for Chris Kirkpatrick's wedding

    'NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick married his longtime girlfriend over the weekend, and four of his oldest and best friends showed up...
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    PHOTO: Megan Hilty & Brian Gallagher put a ring on it

    Well, that was a surprise! There was no engagement, but they had a wedding. Megan Hilty got hitched to Brian Gallagher on Saturday!
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    PHOTO: See Christina Ricci's Givenchy couture wedding gown

    Christina Ricci made such a beautiful bride in a custom-made wedding gown. Find out who designed her gorgeous dress!
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    Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's wedding only cost $142

    Unlike most celebrities Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell had a low-key court wedding ceremony, and Shepard took to Jimmy Kimmel Live...
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    Kim Kardashian's dream wedding: Whatever Kanye wants

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are newly engaged, but are already looking to the future. Kim says she is letting Kanye make the...
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    Christina Ricci ties the knot with James Heerdegen

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    Christina Ricci is married!
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    Pistol Annies' Ashley Monroe marries John Danks

    Pistol Annies' Ashley Monroe and her boyfriend, White Sox Pitcher John Danks, tied the knot on Thursday in a romantic and scenic...
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    VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson shares her perfect wedding day

    Kelly Clarkson continues to burst with excitement over her wedding day. See how happy she looks on her big day!
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    Why it's OK that Kelly Clarkson's mom wasn't at the wedding

    Kelly Clarkson got married this weekend but, oddly, her mom wasn't invited. Now, Kelly's mom explains why she ultimately supported...
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    Miss Independent no more: Kelly Clarkson gets hitched

    Kelly Clarkson and her fiancé Brandon Blackstock took out their marriage license last week, and officially took the plunge over the...
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    Boy Meets World 's Rider Strong marries his actress girlfriend

    Rider Strong was married over the weekend to his longtime girlfriend Alexandra Barreto. But he wasn't the only one from Boy Meets...