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    Bye bye Eiza! Liam Hemsworth says he's single

    Liam Hemsworth was spotted with a new woman as soon as he and Miley broke up, but it looks like that relationship was short-lived....
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    Zoe Saldana's husband wears his heart on his sleeve

    Zoe Saldana surprised everyone by getting married in secret back in June. But she and her new husband stepped out last week, and he...
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    Portia de Rossi remembers coming out at the Golden Globes

    Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been married for five years, but there was a time when de Rossi was afraid to tell the...
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    Johnny Galecki finally opens up about Kaley Cuoco romance

    Johnny Galecki has finally spoken out about his secret romance with co-star Kaley Cuoco, revealing that she is not just an...
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    Spooky! Ariana Grande has encounter with demons

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    Ariana Grande has a very good ghost story! The young actress recently revealed that she had a very terrifying supernatural encounter...
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    Is David Arquette about to be a dad for a second time?

    Very big congratulations are in order for David Arquette and his girlfriend, Christina McLarty, because the couple are expecting...
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    Simon Cowell wants to name his son after his favorite person

    Simon Cowell is never one to care what others think and his top pick for his son's name reinforces that fact...
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    Is Lady Gaga facing even more heartache?

    Rumors have been swirling that Lady Gaga was dumped by her longtime beau Taylor Kinney because of her demanding work schedule.
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    Selena Gomez is not the kind of girl you take home for a night

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    Selena Gomez is forging her way in the world. And for the first time, is doing it her way.
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    Heartbreak in Hollywood! Jennifer Morrison splits from beau

    News has broken that Jennifer Morrison has split from her co-star beau Sebastian Stan. The shocker is that she managed to hide the...
  11. Television

    Austin & Ally 's Laura Marano: Relationships get complex this season!

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    Could Austin and Ally end up in a relationship during this season of the hit Disney Channel show? Star Laura Marano gives us a big...
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    Robin Thicke learned all he knows about women from his dad

    Robin Thicke has raised some eyebrows for his recent lyrics and dancing, all which relate back to sex. But he says he learned what...
  13. Television

    Lori Loughlin says she'll "always love" John Stamos

    Awww! Lori Loughlin responds to Uncle Jesse John Stamos' announcement of unrequited love. Now we really need a Full House reunion!
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    Tom Parker's engagement proposal is postponed

    The Wanted's Tom Parker is serious about his model girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick, although he has postponed his plans for an engagement...
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    Did Angelina Jolie's jealousy destroy her marriage to Billy Bob Thornton?

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    Billy Bob Thornton revealed that Angelina Jolie's jealousy was part of what ultimately ended their marriage. Thornton's famous...
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    Maksim Chmerkovskiy finally confirms romance with Kate Upton

    Maksim Chmerkovskiy has finally addressed his relationship with Kate Upton after long speculation about the pair.
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    Naomi Watts' "ballsy" move to get Liev Schreiber to call her

    Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber seem meant to be, but there was a time when Watts thought he might slip through her fingers. She did...
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    Josh Hutcherson is way funnier than Jennifer Lawrence

    Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence have become the best of friends since joining The Hunger Games cast. But when it comes to...
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    Kylie Minogue splits with her boyfriend of 5 years

    Kylie Minogue has been unlucky in love, and it appears her relationship with model Andrés Velencoso is no different. The couple have...
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    Lady Gaga flaunts prison-style tattoo

    Lady Gaga came back from her trip to Brazil with a little extra, a prison tattoo, and the tattoo artist has just revealed all the...