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    Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong: Detox was "gruesome"

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    Billie Joe Armstrong continues to open up about the worst days of his drug and alcohol addiction, including how he got back on track...
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    Billie Joe Armstrong opens up about years of drug abuse

    For the Green Day frontman, the iHeartRadio Music Festival was his rock bottom, but it led to rehab and a fresh start for the...
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    Mindy McCready: Dr. Drew's insight on the "last straw"

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    Dr. Drew has a thing or two to say about Mindy McCready's death and those who believe Celebrity Rehab may do more harm than good....
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    Mindy McCready is Dr. Drew's 5th dead celeb patient

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    Richard Marx is calling out Dr. Drew for his supposed role in Mindy McCready's suicide.
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    Tim McGraw says sobriety gave him a hot body

    Tim McGraw still looks hot at 45 years old. He credits his sobriety to his great shape and clear mind.
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    Demi Lovato is staying in a sober-living house

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    Demi Lovato is still working on her recovery. The latest? She's been staying in sober-care housing to keep a handle on her...
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    Green Day to hit the road again in 2013

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    After canceling a slew of concert dates so frontman Billie Joe Armstrong could seek treatment for substance abuse, Green Day is set...
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    Green Day cancels 2012 tour, postpones 2013

    After the recent issues their lead singer has been through, the band decided to cancel everything until February. But the good news...
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    LeAnn Rimes is a new person after rehab

    LeAnn Rimes feels like a different person after her 30-day stay in rehab.
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    Lindsay Lohan's father seeks Britney-style conservatorship

    Michael Lohan is trying to save Lindsay Lohan from the shady people around her. Too bad Lindsay and her siblings don't want any of...
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    Lindsay Lohan's entire team wanted an intervention

    Last Friday, the people closest to Lindsay Lohan were planning an intervention for her. The puppet master? Michael Lohan, of course.
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    Colin Farrell talks about life after rehab

    The actor didn't seek help until his son was three, but six years after getting that help, he talks about how selfish he was not to...
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    LeAnn Rimes: Twitter drove me to rehab

    LeAnn Rimes says she sent herself to rehab this summer because the hate she was feeling on Twitter and Facebook were making her...
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    LeAnn Rimes enters treatment for "stress"

    The day after celebrating her 30th birthday, LeAnn Rimes checked into an in-patient treatment facility, says her rep, who assures us...
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    Celebrity Rehab's Dr. Drew a drug peddler? Yes, says the feds

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    Federal investigators claim that GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of popular antidepressant Wellbutrin, paid Dr. Drew Pinsky nearly...
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    Rehabbed Kelly Osbourne drinks "for fun"

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    Kelly Osbourne admits that her recent emotional breakdown on a flight was partly because she was drinking. Find out what she thinks...
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    Matthew Fox has to go to rehab

    Unless Matthew Fox pulls an Amber Portwood, we'll be hearing more about his drug treatment program in the coming days. A judge gave...
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    Demi Lovato: Drug obsession could've killed me

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    Demi Lovato is revealing more and more about what drove her to rehab -- and now she is opening up about her drug use. Find out what...
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    Freedom! The Situation is out of rehab

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    Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation, has completed his stint in rehab and says he is ready to get back to work. Read on for his...
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    Dennis Rodman is so broke he might go to jail

    Dennis Rodman may be a member of the NBA Hall of Fame, but his bank account troubles are now legendary: Rodman owes over $860,000 in...