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    Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew is pregnant

    Good news — Grey's Anatomy star Sarah Drew is pregnant again.
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    Jaime King reveals traumatic pregnancy, five miscarriages

    Jaime King has revealed that while she's thrilled to be a mother to her son James, her attempts to start a family with her husband...
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    Tila Tequila fears pregnancy complications because she's so petite

    Tila Tequila is sporting quite the baby bump for someone who is just 24 weeks along. In a new Facebook post, the mom-to-be shared...
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    Alyssa Milano is thankful she is having a baby in her 40s

    Pregnancy isn't new for Alyssa Milano, but this time she knew it was a little different. The actress said she knew right away she...
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    Zoe Saldana is pregnant with twins

    As if having three blockbuster movie franchises going at once isn't enough, sources are now confirming to E! News that actress Zoe...
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    Confirmed: Zoe Saldana is pregnant with her first child

    After weeks of baby bump speculation, Zoe Saldana's publicist has confirmed that the actress and her husband Marco Perego are...
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    How did Eva Mendes hide a pregnancy for so long?

    Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling shocked the world with a (not yet confirmed) pregnancy. But if the news is true that she is so far...
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    Perfect man: Ryan Gosling is pregnant Eva Mendes' chef

    If you weren't already convinced that Ryan Gosling was the perfect man, you'll definitely be won over now.
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    Scott Foley remains craving-free with baby three on the way

    Scott Foley and his wife are soon to be outnumbered by their offspring. The hunky dad has announced some big baby news to the public.
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    Suspicious betting hints at another Kate Middleton pregnancy

    Oddsmakers in Britain sure like to bet on the royal family, but the latest odds have been suspended because of suspicious activity....
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    Vanessa and Nick Lachey expecting second child

    Here comes another one for Vanessa and Nick Lachey, and this time it's a girl. On Tuesday, July 15, the Big Morning Buzz Live host...
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    Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors may be true

    Kate Middleton is back on the pregnancy-watch radar after she wore an empire-waist dress while her inner circle reportedly buzzes...
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    Stacy Keibler boasts she's having the best pregnancy ever

    Stacy Keibler not only knows how to make pregnancy look good, she's got some opinions on eating while expecting. The latest from the...
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    PHOTOS: Hey girl, here's what Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes' baby might look like

    "Hey Girl" is about to get a whole lot more interesting now that news has surfaced that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are expecting...
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    Poppy Montgomery is six months pregnant

    Hollywood is expecting another celebrity baby this fall. The cute tyke will belong to Poppy Montgomery and her husband, Shawn Sanford.
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    Robert Downey, Jr. and wife Susan expecting a baby girl

    Robert Downey, Jr. has been a dad for 20 years, but he has never taken on the task of raising a girl — until now.
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    Eva Mendes pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby

    Baby rumors were bound to start cropping up for these two eventually. OK Magazine is claiming Eva Mendes is seven months pregnant...
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    Sans husband, Khloé Kardashian is still trying for a baby

    Khloé Kardashian has been dealing with pregnancy rumors for years, but she no longer sees them as a bad thing. She is hoping one day...
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    PHOTO: Alyssa Milano's sweet son Milo snuggles her baby bump

    Alyssa Milano's pregnancy is far enough along that her son Milo seems to think her baby bump makes a mighty fine pillow. Check out a...
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    Tabloid claims Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman is pregnant

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    Don't buy Andi Dorfman a baby gift just yet. The Bachelorette star refutes the pregnancy claims made by a tabloid magazine.