celebrity pregnancies

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    Video: Beyoncé talks 2011 miscarriage in Life Is But a Dream

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    Beyoncé opens up for the first time about her painful miscarriage a few years ago before becoming pregnant with Blue Ivy for HBO's...
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    Video vixen club rejoices: Amber Rose has zero stretch marks

    Model Amber Rose can't stop tweeting pictures of her 9-month pregnant belly: in prenatal yoga, without stretch marks, etc.
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    Kate Middleton wants her mom to be the royal nanny

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    Kate Middleton is proving more and more to be like common folk as it is reported she wants her mom to be the royal nanny when the...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Alec Baldwin: Adding to the geezer/hot chick May-December baby boom?

    Most rationally minded people rejoice when they hear a couple is having a baby. So why do we inwardly cringe when we hear that some...
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    Photos: Hilaria Thomas pregnant with Alec Baldwin's baby!

    Alec Baldwin is going to be a dad: Baldwin's new wife, Hilaria Thomas, is pregnant and showing off her baby bump!
  6. Television

    Major letdown: No Kim and Kanye E! baby special

    Kim Kardashian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel last night and couldn't stop giving away baby details, from fashion to how long before she...
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    Kristen Bell's birth plan: Whiskey and drugs

    House of Lies star Kristen Bell cracked wise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when asked about how she plans to give birth to her...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Pregnant Kristen Bell speaks out for pig mommies

    Kristen Bell is on record as an advocate for same-sex marriage and Ugandan children — now she takes on a new cause.
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    Shakira shakes her hips and delivers a baby!

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    It's official: Shakira is now a mom to a baby boy.
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    Beyoncé: Fake pregnancy stories went too far

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    She might lip sync at important national events, but there are a couple of things Beyoncé insists are 100 percent real: Her...
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    Jeremy Renner has a baby on the way

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    The ultra-private Jeremy Renner tried to keep the news under wraps, but loose lips sink ships. His ex-girlfriend is having his baby...
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    Shannon Miller beats ovarian cancer in 2011, now pregnant!

    Shannon Miller beat ovarian cancer in 2011. Now, the world-renowned gymnast is announcing she's pregnant with her second child.
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    Save the date: The royal baby arrives in July!

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    After weeks of speculation, we finally have a date for the most anticipated royal birth since Prince William: Kate Middleton is due...
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    Evan Rachel Wood is expecting

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    Newlywed couple Evan Rachel Wood and her hubby, Jamie Bell, are expecting their first baby later this year.
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    Jenny Craig says "no" to Kim Kardashian

    The baby isn't even born yet, but everyone is already speculating over Kim Kardashian's post-baby endorsements.
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    Kim Kardashian will still be married when she has Kanye's kid

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    Kim Kardashian is having Kanye's baby — but chances are very high she will still be married to Kris Humphries when the world's...
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    Flipping Out 's Jenni Pulos is pregnant and scared!

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    Jenni Pulos, Flipping Out reality star, is pregnant and freaking out! The newlywed, who reveals she also suffered a miscarriage,...
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    Kim Kardashian's pregnancy a big part of E!'s shows in 2013

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    If you thought the royal baby was going to be covered by the media in 2013, try Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby, who will...
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    First trimester details: Kim talks pregnancy woes

    Kanye West's baby mama, Kim Kardashian, hit up nightclub 1OAK on New Year's Eve. She happily shared details about her first trimester.
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    Kim Kardashian pregnant: We're "so blessed"

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    It is totally 100 percent official, straight from the horse's uterus: Kim Kardashian is pregnant, and she confirmed the news herself...