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    Russell Brand's The Trews: Intimidating, must-watch videos

    Russell Brand has started his own YouTube channel that he is calling The Trews and he's using it as a platform to rant about the...
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    Jon Voight unhappy with Obama's administration

    One of the few conservatives in Hollywood, Jon Voight spoke out against President Obama and his job as president.
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    Professional troll Ann Coulter slams soccer, gets schooled

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    Ann Coulter is continuing her campaign to get everyone to hate her, this time by slamming the most popular sport in the world: Soccer.
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    North Korea calls The Interview an "act of terror"

    Seth Rogen and James Franco's newest film has them working for the CIA to kill North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, but did they go too...
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    Kim Kardashian retreats on Beverly Hills Hotel boycott

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    Kim Kardashian says the only people being punished by the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel are the employees — not the man who...
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    Lauren Conrad's bachelorette party takes a stand for equality

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    Lauren Conrad was supposed to be celebrating her bachelorette party with her close friends, but the lighthearted party turned into a...
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    Ann Coulter's ugly #BringBackOurGirls plan backfired big time

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    Ann Coulter's misguided attempt to hijack a humanitarian mission for her own political agenda backfired when Twitter quickly put her...
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    Clay Aiken's opponent passes away before votes revealed

    You can't make this stuff up. One day before the results of Clay Aiken's congressional run in the primaries are announced, his...
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    Clay Aiken leading race for North Carolina primary

    Clay Aiken holds a slight lead in the Democratic primary in North Carolina's 2nd congressional district.
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    Monica Lewinsky reveals suicidal thoughts over Clinton affair

    Monica Lewinsky penned an essay for Vanity Fair and opened up about her infamous affair with former President Bill Clinton, which...
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    George Clooney lashes back at casino mogul Steve Wynn

    This feud won't end! George Clooney releases a statement that puts Las Vegas casino owner Steve Wynn in his place.
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    George Clooney gets in drunken tiff with Vegas bigwig

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    George Clooney and Steve Wynn are having a war of words over one of the few things you shouldn't discuss in polite company: politics.
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    Pharrell endorses Hillary Clinton — will she actually run?

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    Pharrell and his Smokey the Bear hat have thrown their support behind a presidential possibility who hasn't even officially decided...
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    Hollywood reacts to veto of SB 1062

    Tinseltown took to Twitter to voice its relief when what many felt to be an anti-gay bill was vetoed on Wednesday.
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    VIDEO: Seth Rogen testifies before a Senate committee

    Seth Rogen is always the comedian, but he put on a (mostly) serious face while testifying to a Senate committee about a cause close...
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    Watch out, D.C.! Joel McHale to host White House dinner

    It's guaranteed to be a funny and sarcastic evening for the White House Correspondents' Dinner in May. Joel McHale is set to host...
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    VIDEO: Clay Aiken takes on a new career in politics

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    Clay Aiken has found a new calling in life: politics.
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    Scarlett Johansson and Oxfam part ways over SodaStream

    It's been a hot political week for Scarlett Johansson, who gave up her role with Oxfam to keep her spokes-gig with SodaStream.
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    Kirk Cameron blasts gay marriage again

    He's at it again! Kirk Cameron wants everyone to know he didn't like the Grammy Awards, but go see his new movie.
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    Scarlett Johansson responds to the SodaStream haters

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    Scarlett Johansson is speaking out after critics slammed her new gig as a SodaStream spokesperson.