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    Lily Collins doesn't want to rely on her famous dad

    Lily Collins is rapidly rising in fame and is proving to Hollywood that she is an actress that deserves recognition, without the...
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    Kanye West booed at Dodgers game

    Kanye West is not as popular as he may think, at least not with Los Angeles Dodgers fans. The rapper was recently booed at a Dodgers...
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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West step out with baby North

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make their first public appearance with baby North West.
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    Kanye West wants daughter's debut on Vogue

    Fans are eagerly awaiting photographs of baby North West. After her parents have refused offers, Kris Jenner teased an appearance on...
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    Kourtney Kardashian hit with a paternity ultimatum

    Recent allegations against Kourtney Kardashian have surfaced, with male model Michael Girgenti insisting that he is the father of...
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    Usher thanks the men who rescued his son

    Usher's 5-year-old son nearly drowned on Monday, but luckily the little boy was rescued by two "true heroes."
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    Naomi Watts would like a daughter

    Naomi Watts struggled with her baby weight after her pregnancies, but she would consider having another child, if it were a little...
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    Justin Bieber's defended, by his grandmother

    Justin Bieber has been receiving a lot of bad press recently, but lucky for him he has his grandmother to support and defend him.
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    Johnny Depp gives Prince William fatherhood advice

    Johnny Depp's a father of two and has offered his advice to Prince William, saying how fatherhood is the "greatest ride ever."
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    Miley Cyrus' parents rekindle romance after public spat

    Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus had filed for divorce after 19 years of marriage, although the couple may now be deciding to mend their...
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    Georgia May Jagger: I never wanted fame

    There are many advantages of being famous; however, model Georgia May Jagger would have preferred a life without fame
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    Brad and Angelina live like filthy slobs

    Recent claims suggest that the famous Brangelina couple are not as glamorous and well-kept as they may appear in the public eye.
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    Is Kanye West pressuring Kim Kardashian?

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appear to be a happy couple who have just recently welcomed a baby daughter, although rumors suggest...
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    The Backstreet Boys gets a new addition

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    It's been awhile since we have heard anything about Kevin Richardson after his hiatus from the Backstreet Boys. However, good news...
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    Kim Kardashian's daughter becomes a "fashion icon"

    Kim Kardashian's newborn daughter is already on the fast track to becoming a fashion icon, having already accumulated a massive...
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    Giuliana Rancic raising a tough child

    Giuliana and Bill Rancic say they won't be raising a wimpy son. The couple shared their parenting philosophies during a recent...
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    Liv Tyler: Issues from an absent father

    Liv Tyler grew up in a household of women and credits her mother for teaching her how to become independent, although she still has...
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    Nick Lachey's son has his mom's "flair for the dramatic"

    Nick Lachey is a new dad and he learns something new about his son every day. In the past 10 months, he has realized fatherhood...
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    Let these celebrities put your baby to sleep

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    Ever wish, as you were rocking your baby to sleep, that you had Nick Lachey right there with you to sing a soothing lullaby? Yeah,...
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    Ivanka Trump talks daughter's "spoiled, bratty" behavior

    Ivanka Trump — reportedly worth $150 million — says she will not tolerate any "spoiled or bratty behavior" from 2-year-old daughter...