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    Christina Applegate is playing the role of dance mom

    Christina Applegate has been a dancer since she was a young child, and now she finds herself in the position of dance mom — even...
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    Jenny McCarthy educates her horrified son on sex

    No one wants to learn about the ins and outs of sex from their mother, but at least Jenny McCarthy is pretty cool. That's not to say...
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    Adam Sandler admits he bribes daughters with burgers

    Hollywood dad Adam Sandler has revealed that his parenting secrets involve bribing his young daughters.
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    Oh, Jada Pinkett Smith's totally cool with Willow/Moisés pic

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    Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith's parenting has once again come under fire! So what does Jada have to say about her daughter...
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    Michelle Obama to Justin Bieber's parents: "Pull him close"

    Michelle Obama is balancing raising two children while in the spotlight. She decided to offer some other very famous parents her...
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    Usher thanks the men who rescued his son

    Usher's 5-year-old son nearly drowned on Monday, but luckily the little boy was rescued by two "true heroes."
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    Jessica Simpson says no to sex

    Jessica Simpson is eagerly awaiting her wedding, and before the happy couple tie the knot she has decided to make some changes, one...
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    Giuliana Rancic raising a tough child

    Giuliana and Bill Rancic say they won't be raising a wimpy son. The couple shared their parenting philosophies during a recent...
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    Nick Lachey's son has his mom's "flair for the dramatic"

    Nick Lachey is a new dad and he learns something new about his son every day. In the past 10 months, he has realized fatherhood...
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    Weird celebrity parenting methods

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    From Alicia Silverstone's strange method of feeding her son to January Jones' penchant for eating her placenta, SheKnows Parenting...
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    Alyssa Milano on Time cover: "Exploitive and extreme"

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    Celebrities Alyssa Milano and Mayim Bialik voice their opinions on the controversial Time magazine cover which depicts a...
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    Forget plain pink paint: Jessica Simpson's bohemian nursery

    Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson opted for a very specific design style in their brand new nursery for Maxwell Drew. Here's how to...
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    Elizabeth Hurley is no evil stepmother to her three new kids

    Getting married is one thing, and doing so while becoming a stepmother is another. Elizabeth Hurley is juggling it all with not one,...
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    Tamera Mowry-Housley crossing fingers for a baby boy

    Now that Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley have announced they're expecting their first child, what's next? Planning the first family...
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    8 Red carpet women who struggled with pregnancy

    Congratulations to Giuliana and Bill Rancic on their upcoming bundle of joy! Giuliana joins the company of these eight women who...
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    James Van Der Beek will compete on Dancing with the Stars !

    It's confirmed -- the Beek will hit the ballroom dance floor! Or, at least, a version of him will. His heightened character on Apt...
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    Madonna talks motherhood and Lourdes' bad behavior

    She topped the Billboard charts with MDNA , but her own controversial behavior is now coupled with that of her daughter's. What's...
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    Jessica Alba's health problems from household products

    What's propelling Jessica Alba to sell Honest household products between film projects? Her untold, unhealthy past and the future of...
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    How Katherine Heigl overcame adopted daughter's rejection

    No mother-daughter relationship is ever perfect -- regardless of if the daughter is adopted or if her new mother is one of...
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    New mom Charlize Theron has Jackson fever!

    Who couldn't wait until Charlize Theron became a mother? The A-list actress reveals she wasn't the most anxious one about finally...