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    Justin Bieber barred from entering Miami nightclubs

    Several nightclubs in Miami denied Justin Bieber access over the weekend due to his troublemaking ways and being underage.
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    VIDEO: Oscar Pistorius' tearful apology to Steenkamp family

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    Olympian and accused murderer Oscar Pistorius took the stand to defend himself against accusations he killed his girlfriend Reeva...
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    Arrest warrant issued for Scandal star Columbus Short

    One television star is finding himself in a heap of trouble. Scandal star Columbus Short might want to get Olivia Pope on the case.
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    Judge Joe Brown upset about "loss of liberty" after arrest

    He promises it wasn't a publicity stunt. Judge Joe Brown speaks about his arrest on Monday and why it happened.
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    David Cassidy ordered into rehab after 3rd DUI arrest

    David Cassidy's life has been filled with drama in the past few years. He's had several DUIs, and his wife of 23 years recently...
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    Judge Joe Brown arrested for contempt after "riot" in court

    In a peculiar series of events, Judge Joe Brown finds himself behind bars today after showing up for a court hearing he may have had...
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    Oscar Pistorius texts reveal troubled relationship

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    The Oscar Pistorius trial took a dramatic turn when text messages from Reeva Steenkamp revealed a troubled relationship.
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    Anita Baker learns of her arrest warrant on TV

    She learned about her arrest warrant the same way everyone else did. Anita Baker reacts to the lawsuit news.
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    Is Chris Brown planning to buy his way out of jail?

    Chris Brown just can't stay out of trouble. So is trying to buy his way out of jail time his last resort?
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    Was John Mayer conned by Charlie Sheen's best pal?

    John Mayer is not a happy man right now. He has discovered that some of the rare watches in his collection are, in fact,...
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    M.I.A. mocks NFL lawsuit by asking Madonna for $16 million

    M.I.A. gave a memorable halftime performance at the 2012 Super Bowl alongside Madonna. But perhaps it was memorable for all the...
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    Justin Bieber's new DUI defense: A hairline hullabaloo

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    Justin Bieber's skateboard is, apparently, to blame for causing him to appear to be under the influence during his arrest in...
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    Michael Douglas' son released from solitary after Emmys plea

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    Michael Douglas' son has reportedly been removed from solitary confinement after two years — and the actor's impassioned Emmys...
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    Lena Dunham on Woody Allen: Look at evidence not art

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    Lena Dunham says she is nauseated by Woody Allen, but his work has nothing to do with his private life.
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    Judge orders Chris Brown to stay in the clink until April 23

    After being ousted from rehab, Chris Brown is ordered to sit tight in his cell until his April 23 court hearing.
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    Kanye West sentenced to anger management therapy

    Kanye West is off to do community service and some time in anger management therapy as he resolves his misdemeanor battery case.
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    VIDEO: Oscar Pistorius went into combat mode over laundry

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    Oscar Pistorius was quick on the draw in inappropriate circumstances, a gun expert who worked closely with the runner testified.
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    Chris Pine loses license after pleading guilty to DUI

    Chris Pine won't be able to drive in New Zealand for six months after pleading guilty to DUI and losing his driver's license.
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    Chris Brown back in jail after being kicked out of rehab

    Chris Brown appeared to be getting some help in a rehab program, but after being kicked out, he was taken back into custody.
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    No more drinking for George Lopez after humiliating arrest

    After his infamous arrest in Canada recently, George Lopez has decided to stop drinking alcohol for good.