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    Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida pleads guilty to fraud, faces jail

    Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks' husband, Apollo Nida, pleaded guilty to fraud charges and a $2.3 million identity...
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    Britney Spears facing a nose-y lawsuit

    Britney Spears might have a few medical bills to pay soon. Not for herself, but for a dancer who was injured during rehearsal for...
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    Second Bryan Singer abuse accuser steps forward

    There's more trouble for X-Men director Bryan Singer as a second sex abuse accuser steps forward.
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    Whoa! Scotty McCreery speaks about robbery at gunpoint

    American Idol alum Scotty McCreery endured a terrifying experience on Monday after his home was broken into, and he was held at...
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    Scotty McCreery robbed at gunpoint in home invasion

    Scotty McCreery has returned to normal life in North Carolina, but faced some scary moments after robbers broke into a friend's home...
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    Ben Affleck removed from Vegas casino for card counting

    He had cleaned up his act, but he still found himself in trouble. Find out what Ben Affleck did in Las Vegas this week.
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    Valerie Harper sued by playwright for not revealing her cancer

    Valerie Harper may be suffering from a terminal illness, but that isn't stopping a Broadway playwright and producers from suing her...
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    Justin Bieber detained by immigration officials at LAX

    It looks like Justin Bieber is in trouble again after being detained by immigration officials at LAX.
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    Director Bryan Singer speaks out about rape charges

    He's been silent, until now. Director Bryan Singer finally addresses the elephant in the room.
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    VIDEO: Chris Brown "broken" and furious by delayed trial

    Chris Brown just can't catch a break — at least, if you ask him. After being sent with U.S. Marshals to D.C. for trial, a delay...
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber has "learned so much" in the last year

    Justin Bieber has been in a downward spiral in the last year, but is he finally attempting to change his ways?
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    Terry Richardson under fire after model's sex allegations

    Famed photographer Terry Richardson has found himself in hot water again after he allegedly propositioned a model for sex in...
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    Chris Brown's trial delayed after his bodyguard is found guilty

    Trouble seems to find Chris Brown wherever he goes. But after a conviction on an assault charge, will his bodyguard testify against...
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    White House uses Bieber petition for immigration reform

    Justin Bieber's deportation petition has attracted so much attention that even the White House has decided to respond to it and use...
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    Brutal assault by Justin Bieber's dad revealed

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    The criminal past of Justin Bieber's father is no secret, but shocking new details reveal a new level of brutality.
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    Columbus Short's wife alleges he threatened murder/suicide

    Columbus Short has come under fire again for alleged violence. This time, the actor's wife is asserting he threatened to kill her...
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    Paul Walker's mom gives up his daughter's guardianship bid

    Paul Walker's mom has abandoned the bid to get guardianship over her son's 15-year-old daughter following his death last November.
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    X-Men director Bryan Singer accused of horrifying sex abuse

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    X-Men director Bryan Singer has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager as part of a sordid underground Hollywood sex ring.
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    Katherine Jackson's on the hook for AEG Live's court costs

    Michael Jackson has been dead for nearly five years now, but the lawsuits surrounding his death continue. And now his mother...
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber skips court for Coachella performance

    Justin Bieber skipped court again and made a super-secret appearance at his friend Chance the Rapper's Coachella set.