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    Chris Brown freed from jail early

    Chris Brown has reportedly been released from jail early due to good behavior credits and previous time spent behind bars and in rehab.
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    Liam Payne on joint video: "We have a lot of growing up to do"

    One Direction's leaked video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson has caused a stir, and while those involved have yet to comment on...
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    He did what? Bieber tells racist joke, but insists he's sorry

    Justin Bieber has once again found himself under fire for doing something moronic. This time it's for a racist joke that he told...
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    Brad Pitt secures restraining order against red carpet attacker

    Brad Pitt is fighting back against a notorious red carpet prankster.
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    Trouble! Harry Styles isn't happy with bandmates' joint video

    The leaked video that shows One Direction stars Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking a joint has angered many, including their...
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    Red carpet prankster strikes again & his victim is Brad Pitt

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    Oh, no! The notorious red carpet prankster has decided to strike again, this time at the Hollywood premiere for Maleficent . And...
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    Mara Wilson comments on UCSB killer's misogynistic views

    The tragic UCSB shooting has left the world shocked, and former child star Mara Wilson is letting the world know how she feels about...
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    Uh-oh! Leaked video shows 1D boys smoking a joint in Peru

    Oh, no! A video has recently emerged that shows two One Direction members smoking a joint in Peru. Could the backlash affect their...
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    VIDEO: Khloé Kardashian's birthday wish bombs on Twitter

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    Khloé Kardashian's birthday message to brother-in-law, Scott Disick, isn't going over well with those who find DUI arrests to be no...
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    Mark Zuckerberg ordered to appear before Iranian court

    Users in Iran are apparently not happy about some of Facebook's apps, and Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly been ordered to the country...
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    Casey Kasem's wife stripped of power over his medical care

    Casey Kasem is suffering from dementia, and his family is fighting over his well-being. His daughter won a big battle in a...
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    David Schwimmer helps NYC police in stabbing case

    David Schwimmer became an unlikely hero by helping the NYPD catch a suspect after his neighbor was attacked and stabbed.
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    UCSB shooter named as Hunger Games second unit director's son

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    The tragic UCSB shooting has shocked the world, and the young man responsible has been named as the son of The Hunger Games '...
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    PHOTOS: Wiz Khalifa tweets jail selfie, campaigns for release

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    Wiz Khalifa's jail-cell selfie is a bit of head-scratcher. What was he doing with a cell phone in behind bars in the first place?...
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    Michael Jace charged with wife's murder

    Los Angeles police have moved forward with the Michael Jace murder case. The actor has been formally charged with the shooting death...
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    George Clooney's villa robbed by thief with a thirst for wine

    George Clooney has become the latest celebrity victim to have his house robbed, but the intruder didn't get away with much — only a...
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    Former Disney Channel star reportedly kidnaps her kids

    Former Sonny With a Chance star, Tiffany Thornton, has some explaining to do. Why did she take her kids away from her husband?
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    CPS is all over Willow Smith & family for creepy photo

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    Will and Jada Smith are being investigated by CPS because of that viral pic of Willow in bed with a much older man, according to...
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    Actor Michael Jace allegedly confessed to 911: "I shot my wife"

    In a shocking turn of events, Michael Jace has been booked for the fatal shooting of his wife — a crime their children are believed...
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    Hmm, has Justin Bieber seen the light? His tweets suggest so

    Justin Bieber has had a tough few months and a few run-ins with the law, but has this latest allegation of attempted robbery made...