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    Seth MacFarlane's in hot water over hit film Ted

    Seth MacFarlane has a thorn in his side thanks to the lawsuit he's facing over his hit comedy film Ted . The director, Universal...
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    Sandra Bullock came face-to-face with her stalker

    Sandra Bullock had a serious stalker nightmare last month when an intruder broke into her Los Angeles area home. However, the...
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    Tracy Morgan released from rehab, sues Wal-Mart for crash

    Tracy Morgan is on the road to recovery after his limo was hit by a Wal-Mart truck last month , and he is now suing the company for...
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    George Clooney rips Daily Mail , refuses their Amal Alamuddin apology

    George Clooney isn't even close to being ready to make amends with the Daily Mail . In a second op-ed piece, the actor has taken...
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    Justin Bieber gets two years' probation and anger management

    Justin Bieber got two years' probation and will have to attend an anger management program after entering a plea deal in his...
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    Real Housewives of Atlanta husband headed to jail

    It's been a rocky year for Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Phaedra Parks, as her husband Apollo Nida's legal woes have been...
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    Justin Bieber to be charged with vandalism in egging case

    Months after he moved from his home in Calabasas, California, Justin Bieber's feud with his neighbor is still haunting him....
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    Scandal actor says woes have been magnified by the press

    After a string of violent allegations ranging from domestic abuse to bar-room brawls, former Scandal star, Columbus Short is...
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    Phil Collins' son arrested on serious drug charges

    This isn't the way children of celebrities want to make headlines. Over the weekend, Phil Collins' oldest son, Simon Collins, was...
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    Flavor Flav's Fourth of July run-in with the law

    While most celebrities were enjoying their Fourth of July weekend relaxing on the beach and spending time with their families, one...
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    Columbus Short finds himself in another scandal

    Columbus Short can't seem to stay away from trouble these days. On Friday, the former Scandal star was arrested in Dallas, Texas,...
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    Gregg Allman biopic crew members charged with manslaughter

    After the death of a crew member back in February, three filmmakers involved with the Gregg Allman biopic have been charged with...
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    Lindsay Lohan files lawsuit against "Grand Theft Auto V"

    After threatening the makers of "Grand Theft Auto V" more than six months ago, Lindsay Lohan has finally pulled the trigger and...
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    Michael Strahan target of knife-wielding man at GMA studios

    Tuesday was an unusual day on the set of Good Morning America . A homeless man attempted to assault correspondent Michael Strahan.
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    Liza Minnelli sends post-arrest gift to Shia LaBeouf

    He only saw the first act, so one Hollywood celebrity helped him out. Find out what Liza Minnelli sent Shia LaBeouf after his arrest.
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    Disney XD star Billy Unger arrested for DUI

    He's just 18 years old, and he was arrested for drunken driving. Find out what happened to Disney XD star Billy Unger on Friday night.
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    Hope Solo says her name will be cleared after arrest

    For the first time since her arrest last week, Olympian Hope Solo publicly addresses the domestic violence she has been accused of...
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    Ice-T's grandson arrested in shooting death of roommate

    Ice-T's grandson was arrested Tuesday after allegedly shooting his roommate.
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    PHOTO: Shia LaBeouf in court after shocking arrest

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    Shia LaBeouf looked worse for wear after his release from jail following an arrest for a strange outburst in New York City, New York.
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    Uh-oh: Shia LaBeouf detained by police for bad behavior

    Shia LaBeouf's bizarre behavior continues. This time the actor was removed from a Broadway production and detained by police.