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    Oscar Pistorius trial begins with dramatic testimony

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    Reeva Steenkamp's accused killer Oscar Pistorius faced his first day of trial today, and prosecutors wasted no time whipping out the...
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    Chris Brown suffering from PTSD and bipolar disorder

    After several years of aggressive and erratic behavior, new legal documents are providing insight into the life of Chris Brown,...
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    George Lopez arrested for public intoxication

    George Lopez found himself in a bit of trouble Thursday night. The star was taken in by authorities for being drunk in public.
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    Prize created in honor of the late Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Philip Seymour Hoffman sadly died on Feb. 2, and instead of having time to mourn Hoffman's death, his close friend David Bar Katz...
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    Lisa Kudrow loses major lawsuit

    Lisa Kudrow lost a major lawsuit to her former manager after years of battling it out in court.
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    Miami prosecutors release video of Justin Bieber's sobriety test

    After public records requests from various news outlets, The Miami-Dade County prosecutor has finally released video footage of...
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    Justin Bieber's bodyguard hauled in for theft

    Justin Bieber certainly has been no stranger to trouble lately, and today the young singer finds himself amid more controversy.
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    Metal singer admits he attempted to have his wife killed

    As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis was arrested nearly a year ago for attempting to have his wife killed, and he finally admitted his...
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    Salma Hayek's brother involved in fatal car crash

    Over the weekend, Salma Hayek's brother was involved in a fatal car accident when he lost control of his car, crossed into oncoming...
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    Lucky Amanda Bynes has DUI charges dismissed

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    Amanda Bynes is off the hook for her DUI arrest after copping a plea deal for lesser charges.
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    Sam Worthington is tired of the paps, punches one in the face

    Sam Worthington has taught a paparazzo a serious lesson: Don't mess with the people he loves or you will get punched in the face.
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    Man found guilty of homicide in death of Usher's stepson

    Usher's family suffered a tragedy back in 2012, and the man responsible has now learned his fate.
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    Sarah Hyland groped by fan at meet and greet

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    Modern Family star Sarah Hyland fled a meet and greet after she says a fan acted incredibly inappropriately — and now the police...
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    PHOTO: Former Pussy Riot members arrested again

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    Two punk leaders who caused international outrage for being tossed in a Russian prison for a simple protest are at it again in Sochi.
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    Tacky or tender? Oscar Pistorius posts tribute to victim

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    Reeva Steenkamp was killed a year ago today, and Oscar Pistorius has broken his self-imposed silence to remember her.
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    Leaked docs show that Rihanna was almost left bankrupt

    Rihanna's estimated worth may be a whopping $43 million, but things were not always smooth sailing for the star. Recent documents...
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    Don't stage dive! Skrillex adds a lawsuit to his résumé

    Electronic musician Skrillex may be learning a tough lesson — stage diving can be dangerous and it doesn't always result in an...
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    Chris Kattan's bad night on the road

    Chris Kattan would rather be remembered for his Saturday Night Live characters. On Monday, his latest video involved a DUI arrest.
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    VIDEO: Woody Allen claims abuse memories were planted

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    Woody Allen's lawyer appeared on the Today Show to refute newly revived claims by his daughter Dylan Farrow that he sexually...
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    Justin Bieber is suddenly free for Valentine's Day

    Justin Bieber has been in and out of trouble for months, but he got a lucky break in a Miami court when he pleaded not guilty to a...