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    Justin Bieber deportation petition reaches 100,000 signatures

    Justin Bieber has been in quite a bit of trouble lately, and a petition has been launched to the White House to send him back to...
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    How's Justin Bieber planning to spend his Valentine's Day?

    Poor Justin Bieber! Valentine's Day this year will not be filled with love and a hot date for the pop sensation. Instead, he's...
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    Don't mess with Quentin Tarantino's scripts! Gawker sued!

    It is no secret that legendary director Quentin Tarantino was unimpressed when his latest script for a planned film titled The...
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    Legendary folk singer & activist Pete Seeger dead at 94

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    An American legend has passed — how did Pete Seeger influence our society?
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    Justin Bieber goes on vacation to Panama after Miami arrest

    Justin Bieber is enjoying a fun beach vacation in Panama after his DUI arrest in Miami.
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    A.J. McLean wants to set Justin Bieber straight

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    Backstreet Boys singer A.J. McLean has some words of wisdom to share with Justin Bieber.
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    Justin Bieber earns a deportation petition from angry citizens

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    A petition has surfaced that claims to be from concerned American citizens. They want Justin Bieber to be deported back to Canada...
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    Celebs mock, support Justin Bieber after DUI arrest

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    Justin Bieber's arrest has brought out the best, worst and funniest in our favorite celebrities. See what they had to say about the...
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    Mary J. Blige's father fighting for his life

    Mary J. Blige was dealt some shocking news on Thursday morning! Her father is currently in critical condition after being stabbed by...
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    Scooter Braun breaks his silence on Justin Bieber's arrest

    Things just got a whole lot worse for Justin Bieber after his arrest. Could he be losing his manager Scooter Braun now, too, if he...
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber's not all smiles anymore — watch him in court

    Justin Bieber may have been all smiles for his mug shot, but reality set in when the pop star had to face the judge in court for his...
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    PHOTO: Justin Bieber bares a full-teeth grin in mug shot

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    Justin Bieber doesn't look too worried about his fate in a new mug shot released after his DUI arrest.
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    Rapper Soulja Boy adds jail to his résumé

    Soulja Boy finds himself in trouble with the law once again. This time, the rapper has landed in hot water with a felony charge for...
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    Arrested! Justin Bieber sports a new look: Handcuffs!

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    Things just got out of control for Justin Bieber — the pop singer has been arrested for DUI and drag racing. What's next?
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    Justin Bieber: Jars of weed & leaked sexts to Selena Gomez

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    Cops may have found a lot more than eggs at Justin Bieber's house last week — and it sounds like he's now on the outs with Selena...
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    Octomom heads to court on welfare fraud charges

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    Octomom Nadya Suleman is in hot water after being accused of welfare fraud.
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    Was the Justin Bieber raid overkill? Cops say no

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    Police say that despite appearances, the huge show of force over the Justin Bieber egging incident was absolutely necessary.
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    Justin Bieber's pal Lil Za arrested for drugs at singer's home

    During Justin Bieber's home raid in relation to the egging of his neighbor's home, cops arrested the singer's friend, Lil Za, for...
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    Justin Bieber's home raided in egging incident

    Justin Bieber has been involved in numerous confrontations with his neighbor over the last year, but a recent egging incident may...
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    Justin Bieber allegedly eggs his neighbor's home

    Justin Bieber is accused of egging his neighbor's house and is currently being investigated for vandalism.