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  1. Movies

    INTERVIEW: Lydia Hearst on getting bludgeoned by a sex toy

    Meet Lydia Hearst, an actress whose foray into the horror genre has gotten her decapitated, stabbed, strangled, thrown from a moving...
  2. Television

    INTERVIEW: Sarah Hyland and Turbo FAST pay homage to Gossip Girl

    Modern Family 's Sarah Hyland has a new gig: She's playing the voice of one super gossip-y snail on Netflix's animated show, Turbo...
  3. Music

    INTERVIEW: Yuna on sacrifices she's not willing to make for fame

    Malaysian-born singer-songwriter Yuna tells SheKnows why she isn't willing to change anything about herself for the price of fame.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Osbourne addresses rumors about her "two boyfriends"

    Kelly Osbourne takes celebrity gossip with a grain of salt, but she is grateful that the newest tidbit about her is upping her cool...
  5. Music

    Chromeo on the music industry's sellouts: It's "the norm"

    Canadian electro-funk duo, Chromeo, has been around for years, but they've only recently blown up in America. As America loosens up,...
  6. Music

    INTERVIEW: Tiffany Houghton is jonesing for a Jonas

    For a girl whose debut single hit iTunes less than a year ago, Tiffany Houghton has already created quite a buzz for herself, thanks...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Demi Lovato after rehab: I still have bad moments

    Demi Lovato admits she still has some low moments even after going to rehab. But, she feels great about herself and looks amazing on...
  8. Television

    SPOILERS: Mistresses ' Catherine Haena Kim on Karen's "crazy little sexcapade"

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    Mistresses ' Anna has only just started to show her stripes. Actress Catherine Haena Kim tells us things are going to get a lot...
  9. Television

    VIDEO: Girl Meets World cast spills 16 spoilers from Season 1

    In our exclusive interviews, the cast of Girl Meets World spills 16 spoilers every fan should know about the show's first season.
  10. Television

    VIDEO: Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel try to solve Boy Meets World mysteries

    New show, old mysteries. Before the Girl Meets World premiere, stars Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel tackle the unanswered...
  11. Television

    SPOILERS: How Sleepy Hollow is pushing more boundaries in Season 2

    Sleepy Hollow stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie and the show's creators talk about new creatures, new characters, emotional drama...
  12. Television

    Falling Skies : How Drew Roy really feels about a Hal/Maggie/Ben love triangle

    In our exclusive interview, Falling Skies star Drew Roy reveals details about the show's surprising new love triangle, including...
  13. Movies

    Hollywood's Humanitarians: David Koechner helps fight cancer with "trash talking," bowling

    We loved David Koechner as the obnoxious Todd Packer in The Office and as Champ Kind in the Anchorman movies. The fact that he's...
  14. Television

    INTERVIEW: OITNB 's Diane Guerrero opens up about the past that helps her play an inmate

    When Diane Guerrero landed the role of Maritza on a new Netflix original series, she had no idea the show would become a cultural...
  15. Music

    INTERVIEW: SOJA on why we need more reggae on Top 40 radio

    Need proof that reggae is alive, well and very much a needed part of Top 40 radio? Look no further than SOJA and the message they...
  16. Television

    Teri Polo on LGBT rights before The Fosters : "I was clueless"

    How has playing a lesbian cop and foster mom on ABC Family's The Fosters changed Teri Polo? Turns out it's completely changed her...
  17. Television

    Switched at Birth : Katie Leclerc promises insanity ahead

    In our exclusive interview, Switched at Birth star Katie Leclerc teases what's coming up in the remainder of Season 3, including a...
  18. Television

    VIDEO: The Fosters ' cast talks pregnancy, recovery and Callie's new family

    Ready for a whole new season of love and drama on ABC Family's The Fosters ? We chatted with the cast and got an inside scoop on...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Robert Pattinson has heavy saliva, does weird things on set

    Robert Pattinson revealed recently that he has a heavy saliva problem and he likes to do weird things while on set. Plus, he's also...
  20. Television

    Hollywood’s humanitarians: How The Vampire Diaries ' Michael Trevino helps educate, empower kids

    Michael Trevino also dished on the characters he wants to see find love, including Tyler. Love might be in the air on The Vampire...