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    INTERVIEW: The Jacksons plan "bittersweet" tribute to Michael

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    SheKnows spoke with Jackie Jackson as The Jacksons prepared for their 40-day Vegas residency. We learned about a "bittersweet"...
  2. Television

    VIDEO: Matt Lanter on Star-Crossed 's inevitable love triangles

    If The CW has a niche, it's the love triangle, right? When Matt Lanter, star of their new show Star-Crossed stopped by, we had to...
  3. Television

    SPOILERS: Matt Lanter says Star-Crossed aliens do not have 3 penises

    We chatted with the star of The CW's new show Star-Crossed , Matt Lanter, and dove deep into the world of his Atrian character,...
  4. Television

    INTERVIEW: Lucas Grabeel talks voicing a cartoon deputy in Sheriff Callie's Wild West

    Lucas Grabeel gives us the inside scoop on his newest role as Deputy Peck in the Disney Channel's animated series Sheriff Callie's...
  5. Movies

    VIDEO: Kevin Hart's bloopers from About Last Night junket

    Funny guy Kevin Hart has us giggling with his silly witticisms and racy one-liners. Watch our video if you like to laugh.
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    VIDEO: Kevin Hart gets X-rated: Regina Hall's got some big boobs!

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    This remake of a classic dating comedy chronicles two couples from the bar to the bedroom. We sat down with Kevin Hart and Regina...
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    VIDEO: Endless Love's Alex Pettyfer and sex scenes: Was he intimidated?

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    We sat down with British hottie Alex Pettyfer to talk about his new movie and get the skinny on those steamy sex scenes.
  8. Music

    INTERVIEW: Country cutie Lindsay Ell on being scared senseless with The Band Perry

    Her debut single "Trippin' On Us" is making a meteoric rise in country music, and she's touring with the powerhouse trio The Band...
  9. Movies

    RoboCop drama: Why did Michael Keaton call Joel Kinnaman a b****?

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    Joel Kinnaman got a dose of tough love on the RoboCop set. He tells SheKnows about the time he was scolded by co-star Michael...
  10. Movies

    Watch Gary Oldman be the cutest "old man" ever

    Gary Oldman made his American debut to audiences as punk rocker Sid Vicious in the film Sid and Nancy , way back in 1986. Now, the...
  11. Movies

    Old RoboCop vs. new: How are they different?

    We sat down with actors Joel Kinnaman and Gary Oldman to find out how this remake of the classic action film compares to the 1987...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Chelsea Handler shares opinion on Yeezianity & the Illuminati

    Chelsea Handler isn't what you might call a fan of Kanye West... or, it would appear from our chat with the crass comedienne, a fan...
  13. Television

    LOL! Watch the famous read mean tweets about themselves

    Jimmy Kimmel had his sixth Mean Tweets installment during his show, featuring more famous people reading cruel things about...
  14. Movies

    Star Trek 's George Takei gives Oscar un-predictions

    The original space explorer, George Takei, has been busy lately. He's premiering his documentary To be Takei at Sundance, and...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Chelsea Handler on Kanye West: He's so arrogant

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    Chelsea Handler can always be counted on to offer her unbridled opinion, and she certainly wasn't holding back when we brought up...
  16. Music

    INTERVIEW: Guitar goddess Orianthi on playing in a man's world

    Meet Orianthi: The most bada** chick in rock with a big heart for up-and-coming musicians. She chatted with SheKnows about her...
  17. Music

    Lea Thompson: I'm scared to fight with daughter, Vampire Academy 's Zoey Deutch

    Vampire Academy star Zoey Deutch's mom, Lea Thompson, says she's afraid to fight with her daughter after her kick-butt role in the...
  18. Movies

    The Vampire Academy 's cast spills on Zoey Deutch's troublemaking ways

    At the red carpet for the premiere of Vampire Academy , the cast spilled on Zoey Deutch's troublemaking ways on the set of the hit...
  19. Movies

    Vampire Academy 's Dominic Sherwood: First kiss with Lucy Fry was "awkward"

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    Dominic Sherwood, who plays Christian Ozera in the movie Vampire Academy , dished on the awkward first kiss he shared on set with...
  20. Entertainment

    VIDEO: How is Monuments Men like Ocean's Eleven ?

    Just because a story plucked from history is interesting, it doesn't necessarily make for an entertaining Hollywood film. Find out...