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  1. Movies & Reviews

    INTERVIEW: Teri Hatcher on Disney's Planes and taking risks

    Teri Hatcher brings realism to Disney's Planes . As Dottie, she tries to keep Dusty, a crop plane, from chasing his dream of aerial...
  2. Movies & Reviews

    INTERVIEW: Dane Cook on Disney's Planes , fear and bad dates

    This week, Dane Cook flies into theaters with Disney's Planes . SheKnows recently spoke to the actor about his character, and their...
  3. Television

    INTERVIEW: MasterChef 's Graham Elliot on Bri vs. Bime for the comeback!

    The judges threw the final six MasterChef contenders for a loop last night by bringing back Lynn, Bri and Bime to duke it out for...
  4. Music

    SheKnows Hangout: Live video Q&A with Sarah Darling

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    Watch SheKnows Correspondent Whitney English's LIVE Google Hangout with country singer Sarah Darling. Sarah chats about her tour...
  5. Music

    INTERVIEW: Singer-songwriter Ryan Star talks about new EP Animals and independence

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    SheKnows had a chance to talk to singer-songwriter Ryan Star about his new EP Animals and why having a record deal isn't all it's...
  6. Movies & Reviews

    The Spectacular Now cast talks high school and sex scenes

    SheKnows recently sat down with the stars of The Spectacular Now , Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller. The actors opened up about...
  7. Television

    INTERVIEW: MasterChef 's Graham Elliot talks tag-teamin' in Week 10

    Hey, the MasterChef judges aren't totally ruthless — or are they? Judge Graham Elliot fills us in on flying in the home chefs'...
  8. Music

    SheKnows Hangout: Live video Q&A with Karmin

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    Love Karmin? Join SheKnows Correspondents Lauren Kelly and Whitney English for a LIVE Google Hangout with the adorable duo today and...
  9. Entertainment

    Charisma Carpenter talks new show, dating and single motherhood

    SheKnows Girl Crush Charisma Carpenter shares her own story of fighting crime and tells us about her new show on Investigation...
  10. Movies & Reviews

    SheKnows smurfs with Glee actress Jayma Mays

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    This Glee actress is moving on with her career by appearing in a feature film and new TV show. We caught up with her to find out...
  11. Music

    INTERVIEW: Emblem3’s Keaton Stromberg talks debut album Nothing to Lose

    Recently, SheKnows had a chance to talk to Emblem3’s Keaton Stromberg to find out how the group got started, what it’s like being...
  12. Music

    INTERVIEW: Mikey Wax on the "cinematic-ness" of his music

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    SheKnows had a chance to talk with singer-songwriter Mikey Wax and ask him what it's like to hear his own music on TV, musical...
  13. Television

    Drop Dead Diva 's Justin Deeley talks angels... and underwear!

    90210 star Justin Deeley just passed over into the afterlife... as a guardian angel on Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva , that is! We...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    EXCLUSIVE: Josh Duhamel's sympathy baby weight dilemma

    Josh Duhamel reveals to SheKnows that he's gained a bit of sympathy weight during wife Fergie's pregnancy!
  15. Television

    INTERVIEW: MasterChef 's Graham Elliot on makeshift shivs and other perils of Week 9's wilderness challenge

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    Last night, MasterChef 's remaining contenders headed into the wilderness for the mother of all outdoor challenges. Judge Graham...
  16. Television

    Daniel Gillies talks on-set sex at Comic-Con

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    After an interesting panel discussion, Daniel Gillies had to promise he wouldn't talk about masturbation, again. That didn't last...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    INTERVIEW: Stacy Keibler brings healthy eating to Supermarket Superstar

    Stacy Keibler has come a long way since her first role as a professional wrestler and sidekick in the WWE. But she is looking to the...
  18. Television

    Sharni Vinson kicks butt in You're Next

    You're Next is an all-new kind of horror movie: one where the girl isn't the screaming victim. This time, the chick is the hero...
  19. Television

    INTERVIEW: MasterChef 's Graham Elliot says hello to sausage and goodbye to Bethy in Week 8

    Week 8 of MasterChef may have started with Eddie mastering a meat-filled mystery box, but by night's end, Bri proved vegetarians are...
  20. Music

    INTERVIEW: Jana Kramer on her new single, finding her true voice

    SheKnows sat down with the beautiful and talented Jana Kramer to discuss tour pranks, becoming a better songwriter and the brand-new...