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    VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence has been pooping her pants daily

    Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman Wednesday night and detailed her hilarious experience with poop...
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    NeNe Leakes is hospitalized for blood clots in lung

    NeNe Leakes had a health scare on Monday and caused panic amongst her fans when she was rushed to hospital with blood clots in her...
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    Jake Gyllenhaal hospitalized after taking a scene too far

    Jake Gyllenhaal is taking his latest role in Nightcrawler pretty seriously. Not only has he lost weight, but he was injured on-set...
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    GMA host Amy Robach discovers breast cancer on TV

    Amy Robach really didn't want the assignment she was given by her producers, but it turned out that the story affected her entire...
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    Ryan Lochte injured on dry land

    He's great in the pool, but he had trouble on land. Ryan Lochte is out of training for a bit after being injured by an overzealous fan.
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    Austin Mahone returning to normal after surviving blood clot

    Austin Mahone is working on getting back to his old self after doctors found a blood clot in his throat just two weeks ago.
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    Kelsey Grammer ignores kids while Camille recovers from cancer

    Even though his ex-wife has been through a tough month, Kelsey Grammer hasn't helped her out with their kids. In fact, it's been...
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    Snip, snip! Heidi Montag goes under the knife, again

    Heidi Montag is no stranger to plastic surgery and has added yet another procedure to her already long list of "improvements."...
  9. Music

    Austin Mahone taken to hospital, postpones tour

    Instead of being rushed to the stage, teen heartthrob Austin Mahone has been rushed to the hospital — where he is being treated for...
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    Ricky Schroder yanks daughter from school: Cancer outbreak

    Ricky Schroder acted like any concerned parent would after his daughter's school campus suffered from a scary cancer outbreak.
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    Michael Douglas: I lied about having throat cancer

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    Michael Douglas told the press he had throat cancer, but he really had tongue cancer. He wanted to recover with a bit of privacy,...
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    Camille Grammer has endometrial cancer, undergoes surgery

    Camille Grammer is taking steps to make sure she is healthy in the future. She had preventative surgery after an early-stage cancer...
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    Tom Hanks reveals he's been living with type 2 diabetes

    Tom Hanks revealed Monday night to David Letterman that he's been living with diabetes. But it raises the question: Just how far...
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    Giuliana Rancic: Life after breast cancer

    Giuliana Rancic is optimistic about her future now that her cancer is behind her and she's living a full life both on and off-screen.
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    Amanda Bynes leaves psych ward, enters rehab

    Amanda Bynes has struggled for the last few years with mental health issues. She takes one more step on the road to recovery by...
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    Daryl Hannah on living with autism in Hollywood

    Daryl Hannah has come forward and confirmed that she was diagnosed with autism as a kid. It's the reason she left her big Hollywood...
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    O.J. Simpson stole the cookie from the cookie jar

    O.J. Simpson is in trouble again. This time the charges are for stealing from the prison cookie jar. Someone is a cookie monster!
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    Marvin Gaye III blames Robin Thicke for kidney failure

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    Marvin Gaye III needs a kidney transplant, STAT — and he blames Robin Thicke for his ill health.
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    Jon Hamm confirms throat surgery, but it's not what you think

    Mad Men fans (and basically, women in general) are breathing a big sigh of relief after Jon Hamm explained that his throat surgery...
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    Amanda Bynes declared mentally unfit for trial

    Amanda Bynes' troubles are not over yet. The former child star didn't make her hearing yesterday and now her lawyer claims she's...