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    Khloé Kardashian is helping Rob lose 50 pounds

    Rob Kardashian has noticeably packed on some extra pounds in recent years, and it looks like he had noticed more than anyone else.
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    P!nk gets naked & flaunts hot body for Who magazine

    Many women may feel pressured to lose weight and have a stick thin body, but not P!nk. The singer is proud of her body and appears...
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    PHOTOS: Hilaria Baldwin's outrageously sexy yoga poses

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    Alec Baldwin's wife demonstrates how she tamed that wild beast with her #hilariaypd Instagram series.
  4. Diet

    Laila Ali shares her knockout body tips

    Muhammad Ali's youngest daughter is Activia's newest spokesperson. The busy mom of two sat down with SheKnows to share her favorite...
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    Molly Sims battled thyroid condition to lose baby weight

    Molly Sims revealed that she had a very hard time losing the baby weight after her son was born because of a thyroid condition.
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    Jillian Michaels to shake things up before 40th birthday

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    Jillian Michaels is determined to get into tip-top shape before her 40th birthday arrives. It's time to maximize this fitness guru's...
  7. Entertainment

    Why celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson hates juice cleanses & loves Gwyneth Paltrow

    We caught up with petite powerhouse Tracy Anderson at her New York City apartment to chat about her TV gig, fitness fads like...
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    Jessica Simpson is back to pre-pregnancy weight after two babies

    Jessica Simpson has had two babies in the last two years, but is already back to her pre-pregnancy weight. So how did she do it?
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    Bethenny Frankel won't use the "D" word around Bryn

    Bethenny Frankel admits she spent much of her life obsessing over food — and she doesn't want the same fate for daughter Bryn.
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    Blake Lively says she stays slim by eating chocolate

    Blake Lively's svelte figure is due to the chocolate she eats every day and not to exercising, the actress claimed recently.
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    Robert Pattinson's workouts are paying off

    Robert Pattinson began an exercise regimen to be in shape for an upcoming film and by the looks of it, it's definitely paying off.
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    Rebel Wilson is proud of her body

    Rebel Wilson is proud of her body and believes her curves have helped her land movie roles. She now wants to inspire others to have...
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    Robert Pattinson hits gym after saying he'd never work out

    After swearing up and down that he would never exercise, Robert Pattinson was spotted going to the gym in Los Angeles this weekend.
  14. Music

    Shania Twain talks Vegas, new music and her beauty secrets

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    SheKnows had a chance to talk to superstar Shania Twain about life in Las Vegas while performing her stage spectacular Shania: Still...
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    What big muscles you have, Hugh Jackman

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    Is Hugh Jackman the strongest man in the universe? We say yes.
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    VIDEO: Snooki shows off her hot post-baby body

    After years of partying, it took a baby to get Snooki to settle down and get in shape. She has been working out and showed off her...
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    Celebody: How to get Cameron Diaz’s Pilates body

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    We’re working out with Cameron Diaz’s trainer Teddy Bass at Asics’ Train Like a Celebrity” event and...
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    PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence's hot bod for X-Men

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    Director Bryan Singer tweeted out a photo of actress Jennifer Lawrence in a close-fitting blue body suit for her upcoming role in...
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    Strong Body Workout: 6 Exercises for flat abs

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    With the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, we’re showing you how to get a perfect physique with our Strong Body Workout....
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    Strong body workout: 6 Exercises to tone arms

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    With the help of celebrity trainer Jennifer Cohen, we’re showing you how to get a perfect physique with our Strong Body Workout....