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    Mickey Rooney estate only worth $18,000

    For a Hollywood legend, he didn't leave behind a lot of money, but he did leave a big mess. Learn what Mickey Rooney's family is...
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    VIDEO: Khloé Kardashian calls show hosts "f***ing desperate"

    Khloé Kardashian is not happy a morning show called her out for a canceled interview. The reality star said the interview wasn't...
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    VIDEO: Angus T. Jones' new look and a new life in the church

    Angus T. Jones had a bad ending with the show he spent half his life with, but he is moving on and is hoping to close that chapter...
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    Demi Lovato slams Lady Gaga for "glamorizing" addiction

    Lady Gaga let her friend throw up on her — on purpose — but Demi Lovato doesn't see the art in glamorizing an addiction.
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    Cher is crying over end of partnership with Bob Mackie

    Cher is sad and she's tweeting about it. Bob Mackie doesn't have time to do her costumes for her latest tour.
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    Seth Rogen pretty much hates Justin Bieber

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    Seth Rogen is no fan of Justin Bieber, and he let the world know exactly what he thinks of the teen idol on Watch What Happens Live .
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    Seth Rogen thinks Justin Bieber is an obnoxious "piece of s***"

    Seth Rogen does not appreciate the mark Justin Bieber is making on society, and is happy to share his opinions on the singer.
  8. Television

    VIDEO: Chelsea Handler schools Piers Morgan live on CNN

    Piers Morgan invited Chelsea Handler to his show, but she did not even attempt to be a gracious guest.
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    Taylor Swift on the outs with Selena Gomez over the Biebs

    Is Taylor Swift tired of always picking up the pieces of Selena Gomez's broken heart? Reports say that Swifty is distancing herself...
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    Frank Ocean to Chipotle: "F*** OFF"

    Taco Bell might be Frank Ocean's new favorite Mexican restaurant after he ends a feud with Chipotle with a few choice words.
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    Oh snap! Miley Cyrus slams Katy Perry & ex in one tweet

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    Miley Cyrus says Katy Perry's own tongue has made some questionable acquaintances.
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    12 Years a Slave collaborators in Oscars feud

    They both won Oscars on Sunday night, so why are Steve McQueen and John Ridley feuding? Get the inside scoop.
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    Kelly Osbourne & Lady Gaga end their feud — with choking

    Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga have finally buried the hatchet but not before getting in one final choke!
  14. Music

    Kiss won't rock & roll all night at Hall of Fame induction

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    Kiss disappointed legions of fans today with an announcement that a longstanding feud will prevent a much-hoped-for reunion.
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    Internet hoax? Justin Bieber gets a smack from Blake Griffin

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    Did Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin actually hit Justin Bieber? A story floating around the internet claims this is all true.
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    Julia Roberts' sister calls her a b**** before death

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    The sister of Julia Roberts sent a series of angry tweets directed at the actress in the months before her death.
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    George Takei doesn't get Ryan Gosling's "hoo-ha" following

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    George Takei is, apparently, no fan of Ryan Gosling. The funny veteran just can't seem to understand the "hoo-ha" surrounding the...
  18. Television

    Ashton Kutcher tells Charlie Sheen off on Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Ashton Kutcher is tired of Charlie Sheen's Twitter attacks and told him off during the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Wednesday night....
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    Brandi Glanville won't leave LeAnn Rimes feud alone

    A new war is about to break out once LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian read Brandi Glanville's new book. Will the trio ever find peace?
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    Editor compares Gwyneth Paltrow to North Korean dictator

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    What really happened to the Gwyneth Paltrow takedown piece that was supposed to be published by Vanity Fair ? Editor Graydon Carter...