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    Sarah Hyland: Just say no to Carly Rae Jepsen as Cinderella

    Not everyone is happy about Carly Rae Jepsen's new role on Broadway. Find out what Modern Family 's Sarah Hyland had to say.
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    Lily Allen: Pop stars are a bunch of "sterile botoxed idiots"

    Lily Allen is at it again, and this time she is slamming the entire world of pop music for not being as cool as she remembers it...
  3. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Jon & Kate Gosselin still fighting it out in the press

    Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced years ago, but the two continue to fight about their parenting skills and their kids in the press....
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    Joan Rivers renews catfight with Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence has made her thoughts on Hollywood's portrayal of women very clear, but she may have messed with the wrong woman....
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    On the naughty list! No kids for Charlie Sheen on Christmas

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    Charlie Sheen is spending Christmas all by his lonesome while his children celebrate with their mothers — and he is not happy about it.
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    Feud over: Gwyneth Paltrow makes up with Vanity Fair

    They've been arguing all fall, but it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow and Vanity Fair magazine are finally playing nice.
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    Will brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher finally end their feud?

    Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher may be ending their feud once and for all, if their mother gets her way.
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    Ashley Judd's family feud: Wynonna tracking her car!

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    Ashley Judd and her sister Wynonna Judd are at war over accusations of spying, and the actress is speaking out about it — but only...
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    Charlie Sheen lashes out at ex-wife Denise Richards

    Charlie Sheen is no stranger to bitter feuds and his anger is currently focused on ex-wife Denise Richards because of her Christmas...
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    Mark Wahlberg admits being a d*** to Leonardo DiCaprio

    Mark Wahlberg revealed the one-time feud he had with Leonardo DiCaprio, admitting he had been "a bit of a d*** to him" at an event.
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    Dining with the frenemy: Lorde & Taylor Swift's girls night out

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    An unlikely new friendship has formed between Lorde and Taylor Swift. What will Selena think?
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    Julie Chen talks smack about Jenny McCarthy

    This celebrity feud doesn't want to end. The ladies of The Talk slam Jenny McCarthy on The Howard Stern Show .
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    P!nk uses Woman of the Year speech to dis Miley Cyrus

    P!nk took home a huge honor from Billboard this week, but used her speech to share her opinions about what women should be — and...
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    Barron Hilton's alleged attacker tells his side of the story

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    The man accused of assaulting Paris Hilton's little brother is telling his side of the story — and none of it includes Lindsay Lohan.
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    One Direction fans send racist tweets about Lorde's boyfriend

    Lorde hasn't tried to make friends in the entertainment industry, but One Direction and Justin Bieber fans have crossed the line...
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    Did Lindsay Lohan order an attack on Barron Hilton?

    Barron Hilton was attacked at a party on Friday and the hotel heir was in the hospital for his injuries. However, his attacker has...
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    Kirstie Alley to Leah Remini: "You are my enemy"

    Kirstie Alley has never been known to mince words. On Wednesday, she admitted to Howard Stern that she's no fan of Leah Remini.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    War waged between Disney stars Dylan Sprouse and Joe Jonas

    Former Disney star Dylan Sprouse is very unhappy with what Joe Jonas has been saying about growing up as a Disney kid, and he's...
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    One Direction wages war with The Kooks

    One Direction and their fans will not stand for any unnecessary negative commentary, as The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard was quick...
  20. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Brooke Mueller accuses Denise Richards of child abuse

    There's no peace between Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards this holiday season. Mueller continues to sling mud at...