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    Frances Bean Cobain condemns Lana Del Rey's death wish

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    Frances Bean Cobain is speaking out against Lana Del Rey's apparent death wish, and it's really ticking off the singer's fans.
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    VIDEO: Joan Rivers roasts everyone in Hollywood in new book

    Joan Rivers is not known for her kind comments, so it's not surprising that her new book Diary of a Mad Diva roasts countless...
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    50 Cent calls Jay Z the most overrated rapper of all time

    50 Cent is not a fan of Jay Z, and he is not afraid to say he is overrated. But he says the news is no secret to Jay Z.
  4. Music

    Azealia Banks strikes again, beefs with T.I.

    Azealia Banks started another beef with T.I. on Twitter and things got really ugly.
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    Kim Kardashian jealous of Jessica Simpson's weight loss

    Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson may support each other's body woes in public, but the reality starlet is actually jealous of the...
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    Judge orders food, fluids to be withheld from Casey Kasem

    Casey Kasem's health has been overshadowed by a bitter custody battle, but does the court's latest decision mean the end for the...
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    Lily Tomlin: Beyoncé sells too much "sex to teeny-boppers"

    Lily Tomlin doesn't dislike Beyoncé, but she thinks her singing and image sell too much sex to young "teeny-boppers."
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    VIDEO: Is Ariana Grande Jennette McCurdy's former friend?

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    Jennette McCurdy is not afraid to share her feelings on social media, but is her latest rant about her co-star Ariana Grande?
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    VIDEO: Miley Cyrus tells Selena Gomez "F*** you" during concert

    Miley Cyrus had nothing good to say about Selena Gomez when the controversial singer told her fellow Disney star "F*** you" while...
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    VIDEO: TLC starts a boob war with Rihanna

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    T-Boz and Chilli of TLC says today's pop stars should keep their clothes on — but Rihanna reminds them of their own bare past.
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    Leonardo DiCaprio: Refused to be filmed for KUWTK

    Leonardo DiCaprio refused to be filmed for the Keeping Up with the Kardashians show and wanted to avoid being seen with the famous...
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    VIDEO: Iggy Azalea slams critics & fans over Nicki Minaj spat

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    Iggy Azalea had a temper tantrum on Twitter over fan wars pitting her against Nicki Minaj, but she actually has a really good point.
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    Beat down! Beyoncé is feisty, or so says 50 Cent

    Hmmm, you don't want to mess with the Knowles sisters. According to rapper 50 Cent, he almost got attacked by Beyoncé because she...
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    VIDEO: Was Bey Z's Kimye wedding dis because of Rachel Roy?

    Music's power couple might have skipped the Kardashian/West wedding to avoid Rachel Roy.
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    Casey Kasem's wife stripped of power over his medical care

    Casey Kasem is suffering from dementia, and his family is fighting over his well-being. His daughter won a big battle in a...
  16. Television

    VIDEO: Will Ferrell & Chad Smith in doppelgänger drum-off

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    Will Ferrell and Chad Smith finally settle a debate: Who is the better version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer?
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    Playwright: Barbra Streisand finds gay sex scenes distasteful

    Barbra Streisand is a gay icon, but according to playwright Larry Kramer, she never turned his play into a film because she found...
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    Charlie Sheen rips Rihanna for blowing him off

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    Charlie Sheen is no fan of Rihanna after the singer totally blew him off at a restaurant.
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    Drake Bell to Beliebers: "Where are your parents?"

    Drake Bell laments the irresponsibility of Justin Bieber's behavior when it comes to fans and wants to know where all the young...
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    Beyoncé, Jay Z & Solange speak out on that elevator ride

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    Beyoncé, Jay Z and Solange released a state of the family union address today regarding that little elevator fight, and everyone...