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    Charlie Sheen tossing Denise Richards & kids on the street

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    Charlie Sheen posted a crass tweet to let his ex-wife Denise Richards know she is being evicted from the home she shares with the...
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    Courteney Cox, David Arquette and their modern-day family

    Courteney Cox and David Arquette broke up more than three years ago, and both have moved on. But they're raising their daughter...
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    Drew Barrymore finally has the family she has always wanted

    Drew Barrymore has been in the public eye since she was a kid, but she finally feels like she has the life she's always dreamed of.
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    Phil Everly's brother Don pays him an emotional goodbye

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    Everly Brothers surviving member Don Everly is mourning his brother Phil Everly, who recently passed at age 74, and Queen guitarist...
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    On the naughty list! No kids for Charlie Sheen on Christmas

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    Charlie Sheen is spending Christmas all by his lonesome while his children celebrate with their mothers — and he is not happy about it.
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    Charlie Sheen's twins could spend Christmas in foster care

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    The twin sons of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller could be spending Christmas in foster care after discrepancies were found...
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    Kris Jenner: I still love Lamar Odom

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    Kris Jenner still loves her soon-to-be ex-son-in-law Lamar Odom, but she is 100 percent Team Khloé.
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    Ashley Judd's family feud: Wynonna tracking her car!

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    Ashley Judd and her sister Wynonna Judd are at war over accusations of spying, and the actress is speaking out about it — but only...
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    PHOTO: Guess who is the godfather to Donald Faison's son?

    They've been friends since their days on Scrubs . Now Zach Braff is godfather to Donald Faison's son and he's taking the job...
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    Kendra Wilkinson is gearing up for her mini-me

    Kendra Wilkinson and her family are thinking pink with baby No. 2. The reality star is ready to have her little athlete.
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    Ben Affleck slams the paparazzi for targeting kids

    If you want to get on Ben Affleck's bad side, then take a picture of his children. The Argo star and his wife Jennifer Garner are...
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    Ben Affleck: Jennifer Garner built my career

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    If you think Ben Affleck will make a terrible Batman, you can blame his wife for that — and the rest of his hot-again career.
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    Kim Fields welcomes miracle baby

    Kim Fields welcomed her second son on Tuesday. She waited a long time for this little fella!
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    Michael Douglas wants Catherine Zeta-Jones back

    This might be one Hollywood marriage that works out. Michael Douglas is trying to reconcile with his wife over pancakes and maple...
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    Kim Kardashian "extra thankful" for North on Thanksgiving

    Kim Kardashian shows her sentimental side when she shares with the world an emotional message detailing what she's thankful for on...
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    Brooke Mueller accuses Denise Richards of child abuse

    There's no peace between Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards this holiday season. Mueller continues to sling mud at...
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    Brittany Murphy's mom shoots down poisoning claims

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    The mother of Brittany Murphy says any claims she was poisoned are BS and meant for one purpose: To draw attention to her absentee...
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    Mario Lopez debuts son Dominic

    Mario Lopez's new baby boy is almost 3 months old. Lopez held a party to debut Dominic last weekend, and it was a family affair.
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    Liam Hemsworth recalls embarrassing sex-ed classes

    We have all had moments we wished never happened and Liam Hemsworth is no exception, especially because his high school sex-ed...
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    Scott Wolf and Kelley Limp are having their own Party of Five

    He acted in the show and now it's his real life. Party of Five actor Scott Wolf and Kelley Limp are adding a fifth member to their...