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    Kelly Clarkson: All I want for Christmas is a baby

    She's not even married yet, but she wants a baby for Christmas. Will Kelly Clarkson get her wish?
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    Bruce Jenner's sons pleased he's not with Kris

    There appears to be little animosity in the Kardashian-Jenner household post-split, but two people who are thrilled at the news are...
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    Robin Thicke's parents wanted him to be a girl

    Robin Thicke's parents thought he was going to be a girl, and while their son’s gender may have initially shocked them, they have...
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    Drew Barrymore: Ready for baby No. 2

    Drew Barrymore's husband better be ready for more kids because his wife is ready to have baby No. 2!
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    Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez's baby boy has arrived!

    It's a boy for Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez! The couple greeted their new son in Los Angeles on Saturday.
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    Casey Kasem's kids shut out by stepmom

    The wife of Casey Kasem, the ailing legendary Top 40 host, is keeping his relatives from visiting him as part of a big family feud.
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    Mia Farrow's family secrets: Sinatra, Woody Allen and abuse

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    Mia Farrow and her children are digging up some long-buried family secrets that Woody Allen would probably prefer stay forgotten.
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    Miranda Kerr's got the skills to pay the bills

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    Miranda Kerr talks shop and reveals how she has become wildly successful and happily married to a gorgeous man. Take notes.
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    Briana Cuoco and other hot, talented celeb siblings

    Talent: Is it luck or are you born with it? These famous siblings prove it might just run in their veins.
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    Lamar Odom fires back at dad, defends Kardashians

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    Lamar Odom is furious with his father for giving an interview in which he absolutely trashed the Kardashians.
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    Lamar Odom's dad rips the Kardashians apart

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    The father of Lamar Odom says if there is anyone to blame for his son's problems, it's his nasty in-laws — and what he has to say...
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    Lamar Odom's father wants him to say goodbye to Khloe K

    While many are hoping Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will reconcile, there is one person who is hoping for a divorce — Lamar's...
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    Tom Cruise takes daughter Suri to bungee jumping center

    Tom Cruise treated his daughter Suri to an outing that was a little different than that of most 7-year-old girls — a visit to a...
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    Jennifer Lawrence's stalker will remain in police custody

    Fame has its negative aspects, as Jennifer Lawrence found out recently when accused stalker Han Cong Zhao claimed he believes he is...
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    Jessa Duggar's parents limit physical contact with new beau

    Jessa Duggar has a new boyfriend, but her parents won't allow any physical contact — not even a kiss! — before they get married.
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    Vanessa & Nick Lachey's baby boy celebrates his first birthday

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    It's a sweet time for Vanessa Lachey! Not only did her baby boy turn 1 last week, she's starring in a new FOX sitcom this season.
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    Angelina Jolie's kids indulge in kangaroo pizza and grubs

    Angelina Jolie is Down Under while she films Unbroken and decided to treat her children to the local cuisine, which included...
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    Is Gwen Stefani pregnant?

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    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale may be expanding their brood! Is baby No. 3 on the way?
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    Is Kris Jenner's marriage in trouble?

    Kris Jenner and her husband Bruce are reportedly having marital problems and have been separated for months, a source says.
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    Billy Ray Cyrus cancels Piers Morgan interview

    Everyone already knows that Miley Cyrus has become the talk of the town after her MTV VMAs performance, but what you may not know is...