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    Kaley Cuoco engagement: He started "a little fight with me"

    Kaley Cuoco's engagement night started off a bit rough, but everything turned out okay after the ring was slipped on her finger.
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    Ashley Greene sparks engagement rumors with big ring

    Twilight beauty Ashley Greene got rumors swirling when she stepped out with a new man and a big sparkly ring on her finger.
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    Kaley Cuoco, Ryan Sweeting engaged after 3 months of dating

    Kaley Cuoco just knows that Ryan Sweeting is the one for her after the pair got engaged just three months into their relationship.
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    Justin Theroux's strange collections aren't allowed in his house

    Justin Theroux has revealed he has an interest in some very strange collections, an interest that his fiancée Jennifer Aniston does...
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    Hollywood heartbreak! Liz Hurley & Shane Warne split up?

    The rumor mills are turning with claims that Liz Hurley and her fiancé Shane Warne may sadly be calling it quits after distance...
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    It's official: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth split

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    After months of speculation, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have officially announced they won't be getting hitched after all.
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    Piper Perabo engaged to her Covert Affairs beau

    Piper Perabo is the latest Hollywood celebrity who is about to take a trip down the aisle. The actress is engaged to her boyfriend...
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    Scarlett Johansson engaged to her French boyfriend

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    It's the summer of love in Hollywood! Scarlett Johansson is the latest celeb to get engaged after her boyfriend puts a ring on it.
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    Newly-engaged Katie Couric made love a priority

    Katie Couric has been mostly single since losing her husband to cancer 15 years ago, but she said she's been focusing on love...
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    Katie Couric is engaged!

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    It was a weekend filled with love! Katie Couric is the latest celebrity to get engaged over the long Labor Day holiday weekend.
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    Is Pippa Middleton secretly engaged?

    Pippa Middleton loved being a part of her sister Kate's fairy tale wedding, and if the rumors are true, she may soon be walking down...
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    Lance Bass is engaged to boyfriend Michael Turchin

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    It was a big night in The Big Easy as former *NSYNC band member Lance Bass proposed to his boyfriend Michael Turchin. The couple are...
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    Niall Horan reveals crush on Kendall Jenner

    There's been a lot of press about the members of One Direction and their relationships lately, including new relationships,...
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    Taylor Armstrong is actually going to be a housewife now

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is about to be a wife again! She's engaged to lawyer John Bluher.
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    Jennifer Love Hewitt is putting baby before marriage

    Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready for her new baby, but wants to make sure she doesn't rush into a marriage until she's ready.
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    Kelly Clarkson calls off the wedding, she's eloping instead

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    The wedding is off! Kelly Clarkson and her fiancé have decided to keep their wedding day simple without all of the fanfare.
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    Is Zayn Malik engaged to Perrie Edwards?

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    One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik and his long-term girlfriend Perrie Edwards may have just taken their relationship one step...
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    Kelly Clarkson really digs being a new stepmom

    Kelly Clarkson went from being single to having a full family in a very short amount of time. But the singer is enjoying every...
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    Jennifer Aniston blames baby rumors on weight gain

    There has been a lot of speculation surrounding Jennifer Aniston and her possible baby bump recently, but the actress has denied...
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    Wedding planning: Does the groom need to help?

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    Seth Meyers jokes that his wife-to-be only asks "courtesy questions" when it comes to planning their upcoming wedding. Should a guy...