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    Snoop Dogg reveals he smoked at the White House

    Snoop Dogg has made no secret of the fact that he loves to smoke, so it's not surprising that he's lit up in almost every place......
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    Troubled star Shia LaBeouf wants to stay sober for Brad Pitt

    It's no secret that Shia LaBeouf is not in a very good place at the moment, but the troubled star may be changing his ways, thanks...
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    Busted! Tennis pro John McEnroe's son caught buying drugs

    Tennis pro John McEnroe's eldest son Kevin McEnroe has landed himself in hot water following his arrest on Tuesday in New York City,...
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    Amber Valletta: "I suffer from a disease called addiction"

    Amber Valletta opened up in a new video for the wellness site MindBodyGreen on Friday about her past struggles with addiction and...
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    Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated rapper grateful for drug meltdown

    Rapper Christ Bearer has been to hell and back, but he's looking at his April meltdown as "a blessing, not a curse." In a new...
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    Phil Collins' son arrested on serious drug charges

    This isn't the way children of celebrities want to make headlines. Over the weekend, Phil Collins' oldest son, Simon Collins, was...
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    Amanda Bynes cleared in window bong-tossing case

    Amanda Bynes is in the clear regarding the alleged incident where she threw a bong out of her New York City apartment window.
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    VIDEO: Dozens in need of medical care at Avicii concert

    Over 50 people needed medical attention during an Avicii concert in Boston after a widespread incident made people ill at the TD...
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    Cops reportedly called to Justin Bieber's new condo for pot smell

    Justin Bieber recently moved into a new condo in Beverly Hills and the neighbors have already called the police due to all the noise...
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    Tim McGraw credits Faith Hill for helping him quit drinking

    Tim McGraw has been sober for seven years, but he may not have been able to kick the habit if it weren't for the help of his wife,...
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    Liam Payne on joint video: "We have a lot of growing up to do"

    One Direction's leaked video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson has caused a stir, and while those involved have yet to comment on...
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    Trouble! Harry Styles isn't happy with bandmates' joint video

    The leaked video that shows One Direction stars Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking a joint has angered many, including their...
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    After leaked pot video, is One Direction's U.S. tour in jeopardy?

    One Direction is in the middle of a big controversy, but could it affect their sold-out U.S. tour that starts in a few months?
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    Deryck Whibley: "If I have one drink the docs say I will die"

    Sum 41's Deryck Whibley realized his rocker lifestyle and excessive drinking had to end after he collapsed unconscious at his home...
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    VIDEO: Kris Jenner goes bong shopping on Easter

    It's definitely an unorthodox Easter gift. Kris Jenner goes bong shopping for her mother on Easter Sunday.
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    Peaches Geldof's autopsy results don't squash drug rumors

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    The rumors surrounding Peaches Geldof's death refuse to rest, despite preliminary autopsy results being released. What are we to...
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    Melissa Joan Hart did ecstasy and broke Ryan Reynolds' heart

    Melissa Joan Hart wasn't always a good girl, especially when she tried ecstasy, went to a Playboy bash and later broke Ryan...
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    Chris Kattan's bad night on the road

    Chris Kattan would rather be remembered for his Saturday Night Live characters. On Monday, his latest video involved a DUI arrest.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman laid to rest

    Philip Seymour Hoffman was laid to rest on Friday as celebrities paid their respects to one of the finest actors in the...
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    Leo DiCaprio said he's never done drugs

    Many in Hollywood fall into the trap of addiction, but Leonardo DiCaprio said he never wanted to do drugs. His childhood had a big...