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    Demi Moore finally changes her Twitter name

    The steps to a clean break from your ex? For Demi Moore, one includes finally changing that Twitter handle to no longer bear his...
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    Where has Martin Lawrence been hiding?

    Martin Lawrence made headlines this week when he announced his divorce. It got us thinking: Where has he been lately? We haven't...
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    Martin Lawrence and wife call it quits

    There may be nothing but love in Big Momma's House, but Martin Lawrence and wife Shamicka are set to divorce -- just as the comedian...
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    Jennie Garth is trying to help, not promoting new show

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    Jennie Garth just wants to help other women find their way through the emotional maze of divorce. Read on to find out what she had...
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    Jennie Garth wasn't jealous of Facinelli's Twilight success

    Though she is promoting her new CMT reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country, she has to clarify -- Twilight is NOT the...
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    What does Jennifer Aniston think of Brangelina's engagement?

    It's nothing personal, but don't you hate it when you hear good news about an ex? Imagine how Jennifer Aniston must feel now that...
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    Scarlett Johansson isn't over her divorce from Ryan Reynolds

    If only there were superpowers for conquering a broken heart. The Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson opens up about her split...
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    Why Zooey Deschanel isn't dating and doesn't want kids

    With a Golden Globe nomination and a secured second season of New Girl, Zooey Deschanel doesn't have time to nurse dating cravings...
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    Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli: peaceful parents in a divorce

    What is the last thing you'll want to do when going through a very public split? Guest host a morning talk show! Facinelli talks to...
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    Kim Kardashian won't share love in future reality shows

    Kim is giving up something for her future reality show coverage. Too bad -- her love life is what has given her a ton of ratings,...
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    Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Admit it was fake!

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    Sources say Kris Humphries feels his marriage to Kim Kardashian was a sham designed to make her and her family a lot of money. He...
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    Jennie Garth has heartfelt words for fellow divorcees

    Though her marriage to Peter Facinelli has come to an end after 11 years, Jennie Garth clarifies that she's no victim -- and no...
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    Christie Brinkley is a liar, ex retorts

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    Peter Cook is on the defensive -- and he's coming out swinging. Christie Brinkley's ex is calling foul on her tearful interview on...
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    Jennie Garth spills details on divorce from Peter Facinelli

    No marriage split is easy, even in Hollywood. Actress Jennie Garth recounts the moment when husband Peter Facinelli asked for a...
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    Christie Brinkley breaks down over big meanie ex

    On Tuesday, a few of The Today Show hosts chimed in on Christie Brinkley's messy divorce from Peter Cook. Matt Lauer quickly found...
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    Take that, Katy Perry: Russell Brand's got a new gal

    Katy Perry might be single and ready to mingle, but ex-hubby Russell Brand is ready for another long-term relationship. Find out...
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    Kim Kardashian refuses to say ex's name

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    Kim Kardashian insists she was just trying to do the right thing when she ended her marriage after 72 days, as she carefully...
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    Jennie Garth is doing just great, thank you very much

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    Jennie Garth says that she and her kids are doing just fine and dandy after her split from husband of 11 years Peter Facinelli --...
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    One Tree Hill finale? Bethany Joy Galeotti to divorce

    Another ending is in sight for Bethany Joy Galeotti -- she's not only saying goodbye to One Tree Hill after nine seasons, but also...
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    Jennifer Lopez: Divorce is "grown-up stuff"

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    Jennifer Lopez may be all smiles on the outside, but she says her divorce from Marc Anthony is not nearly as effortless as they make...