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    VIDEO: Liam Neeson still can't believe his wife's death is real

    Liam Neeson lost the love of his life five years ago and is very much still grieving. He finally opened up to 60 Minutes about...
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    Man found guilty of homicide in death of Usher's stepson

    Usher's family suffered a tragedy back in 2012, and the man responsible has now learned his fate.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman's final wishes: No LA for kids

    Philip Seymour Hoffman had some pretty specific requests for how he wanted his son to grow up. Find out what was inside his will.
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    Shayne Lamas' husband pens sad goodbye to stillborn son

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    Shayne Lamas is still fighting for her life after her baby boy was stillborn following severe pregnancy complications.
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    Devo co-founder Bob Casale dies at 61

    Bob Casale helped form one of the iconic bands of the 1980s. His brother announced his death at the age of 61.
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    Fashion designer Michele Savoia found dead in Hudson River

    Michele Savoia, who was a fashion designer to the stars from New Jersey, was found dead in the Hudson River on Sunday.
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    The Waltons star Ralph Waite dies at 85

    Emmy award-winning actor Ralph Waite, best known for his roles as the The Waltons patriarch and Papa Gibbs in NCIS , has passed...
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    Sid Caesar dead at 91

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    Iconic comedian Sid Caesar has died after a struggle with respiratory problems. He was 91.
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    Was Philip Seymour Hoffman involved in love triangle prior to dying?

    Secret diaries belonging to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman reportedly reveal the actor was involved in a possible love triangle.
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    10 Things you didn't know about Shirley Temple Black

    As the world mourns the loss of a cultural icon with the news of Shirley Temple Black's death, we remember the vivacious star of...
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    Celebs react to the passing of movie icon Shirley Temple Black

    Celebrities all over posted messages of condolences and their thoughts on the passing of child star icon Shirley Temple Black.
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    Julia Roberts' sister calls her a b**** before death

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    The sister of Julia Roberts sent a series of angry tweets directed at the actress in the months before her death.
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    Iconic child star Shirley Temple Black passes away at 85

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    Shirley Temple Black, one of Hollywood's most cheerful and popular child stars, has sadly passed away — but she will not be forgotten.
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    Julia Roberts' sister found dead of apparent drug overdose

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    Julia Roberts' younger half-sister had been trying to make her way in Hollywood, but was found dead Sunday. Her family reports she...
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman laid to rest

    Philip Seymour Hoffman was laid to rest on Friday as celebrities paid their respects to one of the finest actors in the...
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    Aaron Sorkin's touching tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman

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    Aaron Sorkin's tribute to his friend Philip Seymour Hoffman reveals that the actor thought his death could save lives.
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    Was Philip Seymour Hoffman gay?

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    The man who found Philip Seymour Hoffman's body says the two were far more than just friends.
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    The Hunger Games cast: "Our hearts are breaking"

    Philip Seymour Hoffman's life ended too soon, and his cast mates from The Hunger Games are still in shock over his death.
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    Inside the last days of Philip Seymour Hoffman

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    The days and months leading up to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman were not happy ones, friends of the late actor reveal.
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    Jared Padalecki calls Philip Seymour Hoffman's drug death "stupid"

    Jared Padalecki was slammed by Philip Seymour Hoffman's fans after he posted a message on Twitter calling the actor's drug-related...