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    Tori Spelling on cheating husband: He broke my heart

    Tori Spelling opened up about her troubled marriage and how husband Dean McDermott's cheating broke her heart.
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    Simon Cowell on affair: "You have to accept responsibility"

    It's amazing how much Simon Cowell's life has changed in the last year. He talks about his affair and his new family.
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    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau discusses Cameron Diaz affair claims

    There are plenty of women who would love to get their hands on Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, but he is happily...
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    Jason Aldean is a bad boy! He's now dating his mistress

    It turns out that Jason Aldean's momentary indiscretion with American Idol alum Brittany Kerr has turned into a relationship....
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    Elizabeth Vargas' husband slams "vicious" affair rumors

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    Elizabeth Vargas' husband cheated while she was in rehab for alcohol treatment? Marc Cohn had no comment on that upsetting rumor —...
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    The Bachelor couple: Have they called it quits?

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    It's been two days and more stories surrounding Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell continue to fly around. Are they on the outs?
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    RHONYC star Ramona Singer opens up about divorce

    Divorce isn't easy for anyone, but RHONYC 's Ramona Singer is taking it one step at a time.
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    Dean McDermott out of rehab, he wants Tori to get help now

    It's been one long saga for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. The couple is trying their best to reunite their family.
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    5 Lessons Robin Thicke clearly didn't learn from Growing Pains

    As Robin Thicke's marriage to Paula Patton unravels, we have to wonder — did he learn nothing from his dad's '80s sitcom Growing...
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    Is Gwyneth Paltrow cheating on Chris Martin?

    Another man for Gwyneth Paltrow? That's the latest rumor circulating Tinseltown about the actress and entertainment lawyer Kevin Yorn.
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    Is Candy Spelling encouraging Tori & Dean to reconcile?

    Candy Spelling is offering her daughter some advice by telling Tori to give her marriage a second shot. Do you agree?
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    Kristen Stewart DGAF if you judge her

    Hate that Kristen Stewart broke Robert Pattinson's heart? Guess what — she doesn't care what you think.
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    Tori Spelling can't afford a divorce

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    Tori Spelling wants to kick her cheating husband to the curb — but she just can't afford to.
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    RHONYC star Ramona Singer deals with husband's affair

    It's a tough day for RHONYC star Ramona Singer who must face the public about her husband's cheating scandal.
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    Tori Spelling's husband in rehab: Sex addiction to blame?

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    Dean McDermott confirmed he has entered rehab after persistent rumors he has been cheating on wife Tori Spelling.
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    More blurred lines for Robin Thicke: Where's Paula Patton?

    Robin Thicke is going to have to explain another set of photos after he's caught canoodling with a young woman in Paris. Does his...
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    Did Dean McDermott cheat on Tori Spelling?

    An ugly rumor reared its ugly head over the Christmas holiday as stories surfaced that Dean McDermott cheated on his wife Tori...
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    Ethan Hawke doesn't believe in monogamy

    Ethan Hawke would like us to know he thinks we have childish views of monogamy and fidelity. Could he be justifying an extramarital...
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    Was Kris Jenner cheating with O.J. Simpson?

    Is Kris Jenner a serial cheater? Shocking new allegations claim Jenner cheated on her fiancé, Cesar Sanudo, with O.J. Simpson.
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    Will Smith's supposed fling denies affair claims

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    Margot Robbie says all this talk about Will Smith bedding her on set is nothing but that — talk.