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    Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig honored for charity work

    Rachel Weisz and her husband Daniel Craig are seldom spotted in public together, but the pair have made an exception in the name of...
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    Oprah teams up with Starbucks to sell chai tea

    She's the "Queen of All Media," so it's time for her to take on the beverage world. Oprah Winfrey has her own chai tea at Starbucks!
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    Olivia Wilde's selfless journey in Haiti changed her life

    Olivia Wilde had a life-defining moment in Haiti three years ago. She talks about her mission in the spring issue of Darling...
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    Arby's scores Pharrell Williams' famous hat on eBay auction

    The hat that Pharrell Williams debuted at the Grammy Awards caused a Twitter frenzy and it's been sold to fast-food chain Arby's....
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    Kate Middleton is dripping in diamonds at Portrait Gala

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    The Duchess of Cambridge shined in more ways than one at the Portrait Gala to benefit the U.K.'s National Portrait Gallery.
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    VIDEO: Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover at the gym

    Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a proponent of physical fitness, and he is taking that to a whole new level by disguising...
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    Paul Walker's brother is keeping his legacy alive

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    Paul Walker may be gone, but his charitable organization will live on thanks to his brother.
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    PHOTO: Gisele Bündchen visits teen suffering from cancer

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    Gisele Bündchen took some time out from her busy holiday schedule to cheer up one teen who is suffering from cancer. It was a makeup...
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    Taylor Swift, One Direction are 2013's most-charitable celebs

    Many celebrities use their fame and fortune for good, but this year's most-charitable celebs are the youth of Hollywood.
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    Kim Kardashian wants the world to know she is generous

    Kim Kardashian recently held an eBay auction for charity but decided to donate only 10 percent of the proceeds, which left fans...
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    VIDEO: Prince Harry takes an early lead in South Pole race

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    After days worth of delays, the South Pole Allied Challenge race is finally underway — and Prince Harry is already in the lead!
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    Charlie Sheen grants fan's dying wish

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    Charlie Sheen shows the world his life isn't all about crazy antics. He actually has a very big heart and granted a dying fan his...
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    Snowed in! Prince Harry's South Pole trek training delayed

    Prince Harry and his Walking With the Wounded event team's scheduled training activities got delayed due to harsh weather. They're...
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    Not-so-charitable Kim K only gives 10 percent of auction to needy

    Kim Kardashian is reportedly worth over $40 million. So why does she need to pocket 90 percent of the proceeds from her charity...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio donates $3 million to save tigers in Nepal

    Leonardo DiCaprio is passionate about tigers and is working to help Nepal increase their population in the next decade.
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    The generous Kardashian clan hold a charity yard sale

    The Kardashian clan finally decided to do a good deed! They offered fans a chance to nab some personal items at a yard sale, with...
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    Pamela Anderson stuns with her new pixie 'do

    Whoa! Is that Pamela Anderson or an impostor? The bombshell persona of the bathing beauty is replaced with a new sophisticated look.
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    AnnaLynne McCord reveals dark past of rape and depression

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    AnnaLynne McCord may appear to have it all, but the actress has candidly spoken out about her horrific ordeal and rape when she was...
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    Kate Middleton goes solo at gala, William stays with baby

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    The ever-so-lovely Kate Middleton showed up at a gala in London solo. Could the royal couple not get a sitter for Prince George?
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    Oprah's throwing a yard sale!

    It's time for a little fall cleaning with Oprah Winfrey. She's getting rid of her junk so you can buy it at her huge yard sale.